Quiz: These 16 Questions Reveal What You Love Most About Yourself


What do you think is your best quality?

How you feel about these 16 seemingly random questions will actually reveal the quality that you love most in yourself.

 Jan 11, 2018
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What word would your best friend describe you as?
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What would you like to change about yourself?
I'm too trusting.
I'm too stubborn.
I lack confidence.
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What are you?
4 of 16Pick your answer!
Is what you're doing what you wanted to do with your life?
No, but it's better than I imagined.
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How do you get rid of stress?
I spend time with family or friends.
I read/take time to myself.
I write, or draw. I analyze my own thoughts.
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How do you typically spend your weekend?
Hitting up bars.
Running errands.
Exploring a museum or somewhere new.
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What obsession did you have as a kid?
I loved sports.
I loved horses.
I loved fairytales.
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What would you do if your family didn't like your partner?
I would try to understand where my family was coming from.
I'd tell my family I love them, but I stand by my partner.
This would tear me up, I don't know.
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What animal are you drawn to?
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What do you do when you are hurt emotionally?
I tell the person that they upset me.
I confront the person and demand an apology.
I bury it inside, I don't let anyone know.
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As a kid, you were...
the leader.
friends with everyone.
a bit of a loner.
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Are you still friends with your first best friend?
We catch up now and then, but we're not close.
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Favorite season?
14 of 16Pick your answer!
What are you most attracted to?
If someone has the same morals as I do.
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Which would you prefer?
Exploring other worlds.
Exploring the deep ocean and other unknown parts of Earth.
Exploring places that are already known.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
Would you ever go to colonize Mars?
I'd have to weigh the pros and cons.
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