Quiz: The First Word That Comes To Your Mind Will Reveal A Secret Pet Peeve

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Everyone has something that annoys them. What's your secret pet peeve?

Answer the first word that comes to your mind and we'll tell you what your secret pet peeve is! Everyone has one thing...

 Oct 17, 2017
WOMEN.COM | Quiz Facts

Do you hate it when someone coughs in your direction without covering their mouth? What about some who doesn't use their turn signal on the freeway? Does ANYONE like a loud chewer? If you said yes to all of the above or aren't completely sure, you're in luck. We have scientifically found trigger words that'll reveal your secret pet peeve. And hey, do what you want with the results. Laugh aggressively in your Mom's basement with confidence. Send it to your ex-boyfriend to further prove why you left him. Print it out, stick it on the work fridge so everyone understands your passive-aggressive mentality. Call your therapist and explain that you two have a lot of new stuff to work on Monday morning. Regardless of the result, your pet peeve will be clearer than a glass window after a Windex commercial. And what better way to find out than with a word. Trigger word or not, you'll feeeeeeel something when your eyes hit that screen and you read that word. It could be nothing, it could have no affect on you. Or… your eyes could read that word, and similar to the Hulk, something in your DNA alters and you FEEL. IT. FEEL IT! That feeling will subside once you realize you have hit something. You may finally feel that emotion, that feeling, that pet peeve. Sometimes all we need to do is see our weakness, look it in the eye, and scare it away. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and this quiz will do just that. It will do, just that.