Quiz: Tell Us About Your Life And We'll Guess Your Age And Dream Job

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Let us know if we got it right.

Answer 16 questions about your life and we'll guess your age and what your dream job has always been. Can we get it right?

 Jan 16, 2018

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What's your biggest worry right now?
My lack of a savings account.
My lack of a career.
My health.
My personal life -- love, children? WHO KNOWS.

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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
Tired, let me go back to sleep.
It depends what time I went to bed last night.
Ready to go!
These old bones of mine may creak, but I'm ready.

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What's your love life look like?
I'm dating someone, it's serious.
I'm with the love of my life.
Yo, am I going to die alone??
I'm dating around.

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How do you feel about kids?
I have kids.
I'm starting to think about kids, I may be ready.
I want kids, but my life isn't ready for them.
I want kids -- far into the future though.

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What word describes your approach to life?

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How do you feel about your career?
I have a job that I'm not happy with.
There's room for growth, but I'm in the right career.
I think I'm on the right track!
What am I doing with my life??

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Where do you currently live?

8 of 16Pick your answer!

What's your living situation?
I live with my significant other.
I live with my family/on my own.
I live with roommates.
I live at home.

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How clean do you keep your home?
Always clean.
It's organized, but it could use a dusting.
It's super messy.
I usually remember to clean when I'm not busy.

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What are you eating habits like?
I prep and cook all my own meals. Very healthy.
I'm so broke I can't afford food.
I eat a lot of junk food and fast food.
I cook my own meals, but it isn't super healthy.

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What word would you use to describe yourself?

12 of 16Pick your answer!

What is a hobby you have/would like to have?

13 of 16Pick your answer!

What bothers you in this world?
Women's rights
Global warming
Police brutality
Economy/taxes/minimum wage.

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Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?
Protective, resourceful, and recommending of solutions.
Concerned, empathetic, and loyal - regardless of the problem.
Nonjudgmental, optimistic.
Supportive, patient, and a good listener.

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What were you criticized for when you were younger?
Disruptive, uncommitted, and/or disorganized
Directionless, unenthusiastic
Overly sensitive, moody
Argumentative, bossy

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Choose one.
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