Quiz: Only A Genius Can Solve These 16 Problems, Do You Have What It Takes?

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Are you as smart as you think you are? Take this quiz to see if you should really be bragging.

Take this free IQ test to see if you are a true intellect, filled with difficult and fun problems to solve.

 Oct 11, 2017
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Fill in the blank. "He studied _______ and earned the highest grade on his final."
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You are paid $5 every time you mow a yard. How many yards will you mow to earn $100?
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Unscramble the following word: totobyc
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Mary's mom has four girls. Abbie, Annie, Allie, and who?
Primrose Everdeen
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What comes next? 1, 3, 4, 7, 11...
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If you are on the highest point on Earth, where are you?
High Point, New Jersey
Mt. Everest
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If you are at the lowest point on Earth, where are you?
Dead Sea
Salton Sea Beach
Rock Bottom Brewery
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Which is the only state that touches ONE other state?
South Dakota
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What are the three "R"s of recycling?
Remember, recycling rocks!
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Rumination, repentance, recycle.
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What is the most important part of an introduction to an essay?
The friendly tone you want to communicate.
A thesis statement.
Saying a quick, "Buckle up, bucko, because I'm gonna learn you a thing."
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How many horns did a Triceratops have?
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Diamonds are made out of what?
A girl's best friend.
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What do you call the molten rock that erupts from a volcano?
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Can you divide by zero?
You can only divide zero by zero.
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Which creature evolved from dinosaurs?
Large house cats
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What happens when you multiply two negatives?
Your answer is positive.
Your answer is negative.
You cannot multiply two negatives.
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