Quiz: OMG. Just How Much Of A Drama-Queen Can You Actually Be?

scream, screaming, drama, upset, scared, angry, diva

Do you need to take a chill pill?

Answer how you would react to 16 questions to find out just how much of a drama queen you actually are, you may be surprised.

 Jan 18, 2018
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How often do you get into fights with your significant other?
Not often.
We don't fight, we have disagreements.
Often, but we work them out.
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A child rams his shopping cart into your heel. You...
Lean back to push the cart into the child.
Turn around and yell at the mother to pay attention.
Ignore it. It's just a kid.
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You see a baby is sitting next to you on the airplane...
That's fine, they don't understand air pressure! Cry it out.
I huff, this kid better not cry, or else mommy owes me a drink.
I roll my eyes to myself but I don't say anything.
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Your best friend shows up wearing exactly what you said you were going to wear.
I pull them aside to ask them why they would do this?
Eh, whatever. They're probably insecure.
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Your upstairs neighbors won't stop stomping their feet.
I go up there and demand that they pay more attention.
It's fine, I sleep through everything.
I bang on the ceiling with a broom.
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Someone keeps using the word "moist" in conversation.
I explain in great detail why it's the worst word anyone has ever uttered.
I ask them not to use that word.
It's fine, it's just a descriptive word.
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Someone says a passive aggressive comment about you.
Discuss it with a loved one after the event to make sure I'm not crazy.
Be passive aggressive back.
Snap at them. I hate passive aggression.
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Someone tells you that your fly is down in public.
I will leave, make new friends, never speak to those people again.
Reach over and unzip their pants. Who is the fool now, Sharon?
Zip it up, make a joke like "It pays to advertise!"
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How often do you just want to scream in public?
Almost always.
Only if there's a huge crowd and everyone is in my way.
What? Like, never. That's scary. Why would I do that?
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Someone corrects you, but you know they are wrong.
Agree to disagree.
This is the hill I will die on, Sharon. You are wrong.
Say, "Sure," just to drop the subject.
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Someone taller than you steps in front of you at a concert.
Find another place to stand.
Ask him/her if I could just squeeze in front.
Step on their achilles heel.
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Your package says delivered but YOU HAVE NO PACKAGE AT YOUR DOOR.
Threaten to sue the company, my mailman, my neighbor.
Cancel my order, demand a full refund.
Email the place I ordered it from.
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How do you deal with conflict?
I usually act like nothings wrong.
I give the cold shoulder.
I confront the problem HEAD ON.
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Your waiter gets your order wrong.
Send. It. Back.
No big, I'll eat anything.
Explain they got it wrong, but eat it anyway.
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Someone takes credit for something you did at work.
Ex-cuse the F me, Sharon?
Whatever, maybe they need this win.
I pull them aside and ask them to clarify to the boss.
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You find out your significant other is texting another person romantically.
Looks like their phone will be flushed down a toilet soon.
Break up with them, even if it hurts.
Discuss the issue. See if there's room to grow, or if it's time to split.
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