Quiz: If Your Life Was A Movie What Would It Be Rated?


Is your life a family friendly "G" rating or more along the lines of an "R" flick?

Ever wonder what your life would be rated if it was a movie? Are you family friendly like a "G" rating or do people under 17 need a parent present?

 Oct 28, 2017

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How often do you swear?
Now and then, when it's called for.
All of the time.

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In fact, what is your favorite curse word?

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How do you start your weekend?
I figure out which movies I'm going to Netflix.
A couple of drinks, some dancing.
Way too many drinks with my friends.

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How do you end your weekend?
Usually by kicking someone out of my bed.
I am still on my couch.
Maybe a little hungover.

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Do you ever get into fights?
I don't fight, maybe I might argue...
Fist fights? Only if it's really necessary.
I may get in a verbal disagreement now and then.

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Someone screams "shots," what is your reaction?
My shirt is already off for body shots.
I either take one or try to find the exit.
I am calling the police.

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Which app do you use most on your phone?
A game.
Dating apps.

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Who are you in your friend group?
The "mom," I make sure everyone is okay.
The unapologetic lush.
The leader.

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How old were you when you had your first drink?
High school.
Maybe middle school.
I was/will wait for legal age!

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How do you handle a bully?
I try to understand WHY they're a bully.
I confront them!
I will destroy their creditability and maybe their face.

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What do you think is the worst thing you've ever done?
I've cheated on my partner.
I've lied to someone.
I've skipped school/work.

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If you could get away with any of these, which would you do?
Steal a candy bar.
Rob a bank.
Go joy riding.

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What is your drink of choice?
Hard liquor.

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A menacing stranger seems to be following you. What do you do?
Cross the street a few times to make sure, then call the police.
Find a responsible adult that I trust.
Confront him!

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What type of driver are you?
Very defensive, slow, kind.
My horn and middle finger are my best friends.
I might honk, but only if someone is going to cause an accident.

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What do you think is the most important?
Hosting a car wash to raise money so the animal shelter won't close down.
Standing up for my morals, family.
Fun, advancing my career, getting the love interest at the end.
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