Quiz: If You Don't Know These 16 Basic Cooking Terms Get Out Of The Kitchen

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Anyone who knows their way around the kitchen should know these terms. Do you?

Every chef needs to know these 16 terms if they're allowed in the kitchen. How many can you name? Should you become a chef?

 Oct 08, 2017
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A true Italian (or any chef) knows that "al dente" means...
"to the mush," pasta should melt in your mouth.
"to the tooth," the pasta should still be a little firm.
"to the dent," the pasta should be shapeable.
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When you poach something, you cook it with _____.
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If you cut carrots 'julienne' style, then they will resemble....
famous red head Julianne Moore.
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The addition of this helps breads rise during the baking process.
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What is it called when you put food in a processor and make it smooth?
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How is steak tartare served?
Well done
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To "simmer" something means...
To cook over low heat.
A full rolling boil.
Let one thing ruin your whole day.
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The five flavor elements are umami, sweet, salty, bitter, and...
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If you "whisk" something, your goal is to...
combine salt and water.
to add air into the mixture.
pick something up.
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Where does "zest" come from?
Chili pepper
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What is "basting?"
Pouring juices or melted fat on meat to keep it moist.
Putting stuffing in a turkey.
Waiting for the timer to go off.
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To "flambe" something, add _______ to the pan to make flames.
lighter fluid
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What is something you would typically "marinate"?
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What is "pâté?"
How you present your dish.
Seasoned ground meat and fat mixed into a spreadable paste.
A plate.
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You should always _____ steak to create a crust and lock in juices.
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If you "sweat" your onions, what color should they turn?
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