Quiz: How You Feel About These 16 Animals Will Reveal If You're An Optimist

Are you an optimist or a realist?

 Nov 12, 2017
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Dog, fluffy, chihuahua
Very cute dog, I approve.
This is a noble dog that I'd be happy to call a friend.

Question: 2/16Choose your first reaction!

Maine Coon, cat, kitten
That's a large cat and I love it.
That's a mighty fluff, and I, for one, am proud of him.

Question: 3/16Choose your first reaction!

possum, wildlife
Garbage monster.
Oh! A hiss kitten! I love them.

Question: 4/16Choose your first reaction!

tamarin, monkey
Monkeys with mustaches exist in nature.
I can learn much from this tiny wise monkey.

Question: 5/16Choose your first reaction!

bearded dragon, lizard
This bearded dragon has a great sense of humor.
He is... very happy...

Question: 6/16Choose your first reaction!

This 'gator has some hot gossip it wants to tell me.
This 'gator gives me a fright.

Question: 7/16Choose your first reaction!

duck, mandarin duck
Why is this duck more beautiful than me?
This is the most beautiful duck I have ever seen.

Question: 8/16Choose your first reaction!

red panda
Who taught this fancy raccoon how to yodel?
That's a red panda, not a fancy raccoon.

Question: 9/16Choose your first reaction!

tufted deer
This poor baby deer was bitten by a vampire.
This is a tufted deer... Not a vampire.

Question: 10/16Choose your first reaction!

Elephants never forget, and I will never forget how much I love them.
This creature can crush me once it is grown, and that's how I want to go.

Question: 11/16Choose your first reaction!

harpy eagle, bird
Reminds me of my awkward puberty phase.
Beautiful, majestic, ten out of ten.

Question: 12/16Choose your first reaction!

A very cute rodent.
Selfie game is on point.

Question: 13/16Choose your first reaction!

Dog, zelda, hope's dog, hs
A beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.
Great dog. One of the best. 100%

Question: 14/16Choose your first reaction!

This monkey has seem some things he can never unsee.
This monkey knows all the secrets of the world.

Question: 15/16Choose your first reaction!

goat, baby goat
Goats have square pupils and it's kind of creepy.
I would follow this baby goat into battle.

Question: 16/16Choose your first reaction!

It's so... tiny.
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