Quiz: Haunt A House And We'll Tell You What To Have For Dinner Tonight

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Choosing what to have for dinner is an eternal struggle. Ghosts are doomed to walk this earth for all eternity. Haunt a house and we'll tell you what to eat for dinner tonight.

What should I have for dinner tonight? Pretend you're a ghost haunting a house and we'll give you the perfect menu.

 Oct 19, 2017
1 of 16What type of residence will you haunt?
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A classic Dutch Colonial in a suburb.
An ex's house.
The cheap apartment that's too good to be true.
The empty dorm room.
2 of 16How will you start to creep people out?
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Gonna rattle these chains I found in the garage.
Disembodied footsteps.
Slamming doors.
Repeatedly hitting one note on the piano.
3 of 16How will you raise the stakes?
paranormal activity, ghost, security cam, baby, Dog, spirit, haunted, horror
Make a pet or child see me in the corner.
Appear watching a person sleeping.
Turn all the furniture upside down.
Invite a choir of children to sing creepy nursery rhymes.
4 of 16What horror movie cliche will you perform?
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I'm summoned after teens play with a Ouija board.
Cut the phone lines.
I'll come back after the credits.
Appear in the mirror when you shut the medicine cabinet.
5 of 16What horror movie cliche will you NEVER perform?
I won't hide in anyone's backseat.
I won't target the non-virgins.
I won't attack a woman who falls down during the chase.
No spooky writing on a wall.
6 of 16Who are you haunting?
house on haunted hill, skeleton, horror, classic, black and white, halloween
My friends.
My family.
The new residence of my home.
Someone who has wronged me.
7 of 16Why are you haunting them?
I see dead people, Sixth Sense, horror, ghosts, movie
I've paid taxes for 25 years and this is MY HOUSE!
I need to tell them something.
They KNOW what they DID.
LOL, it's a prank bro.
8 of 16How will you reveal yourself to the residence?
insidious, old woman, scared, horror, lantern, medium, ghost, psychic
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I will speak through a medium.
I won't reveal myself fully.
I will appear before them.
They'll Google me and figure out why I'm doomed to walk this earth.
9 of 16Where will you hide their car keys so they can’t escape?
Get Out, horror, keys, car keys, allison williams
Paramount Pictures
Next to a broken photo frame.
The first place they looked.
In my own hands.
The creepy basement.
10 of 16Which room will you always appear in?
woman in black, horror, halloween, ghost, daniel radcliff
The bathroom.
The top window of the house.
11 of 16The residents hire a ghost hunter, what do you do?
ghost hunters, ghost, reality tv, haunted, halloween
I don't do anything and make the ghost hunter feel foolish.
I turn on a light.
I make the room cold.
I move a rocking chair.
12 of 16The residents hire an exorcist, what do you do?
The Exorcist, black and white, haunted, ghost, demon
I move on quickly.
I wait to see how this goes.
I leave after a couple of psalms and some holy water.
13 of 16Who will you befriend?
ghost, movies, halloween, Friends, ghosts, casper
The physical representation of depression.
A hungry ghost made of pure Ectoplasm.
The new girl in town.
A sassy charlatan who is shocked by her real psychic gift.
14 of 16What creepy item will you possess?
horror movies, haunted, annabelle, christine, Hellraiser, the ring
Archaic technology. Say... a VHS?
1958 Plymouth Fury
Creepy doll.
Evil rubrics cube.
15 of 16What pleases you as a ghostly presence?
just like heaven, reese witherspoon, blonde, woman, women, smile
Warning others.
Scaring people.
Connecting with my lover again.
16 of 16What will make your spirit move on?
Field of Dreams, ghost
Warner Bros.
Fulfilling my duty.
A firmly written eviction notice.
Being asked politely.
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