Quiz: Do You Love Your Partner Or Are You In Love With The Idea Of "Love?"

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Do you love your partner or are you just addicted to love?

Do you actually love your partner or are you just addicted to the idea of love? Answer these 16 questions to find out.

 Oct 30, 2017
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Do you feel like you can count on your partner?
No, I mostly rely on myself.
If I ask my partner, I'm sure they'd help.
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Do you feel as though you have to talk yourself into liking your partner?
Yes, often.
No, it's easy to like my partner even when we are angry.
Sometimes when we fight I have to talk myself into liking them.
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Do you have a hard time sleeping without your partner?
Yes, I need them around 100%.
It is hard to fall asleep, but I can do it if need be.
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Have you broken up several times only to get back together?
No, we talk through the tough times.
Yes, numerous times.
We have once or twice, but not a lot.
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When you think of your future, is your partner involved in it?
Sometimes I daydream about it, but they're not always involved.
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Do you often fantasize about a previous partner?
Yes, I often wonder if I made a mistake.
Yes, but not because I want them back.
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Do you feel like you can tell your partner everything?
No, there are things I keep from them.
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Do you expect your partner to make you feel loved/lovable?
No, but they do.
I expect it.
No, I love myself first.
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When your partner is sad, how do you feel?
I empathize with them and try to make it better.
I feel bad, but there's nothing I can do.
I wish they would just suck it up, I can't fix everything.
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Do you think if someone loves you that you’ll be happy?
I am unsure.
Yes, if I'm loved the way I want to be loved I will be happy.
No, happiness comes from other things. It's a bonus.
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Does your partner make you feel secure in the day to day?
No, I want them to.
No, I make myself feel stable.
Yes, there is a stability.
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Do you often wish your partner would make grander gestures of love?
It's not important to me, I know they love me, but I wouldn't complain!
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Do you feel emotionally connected to your partner?
I want to be.
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Do you often rebound from person to person after a breakup?
No, I take time to myself.
I have, but I feel like I don't do it on purpose.
Yes, I always have someone else lined up.
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Do you say “we” more than you say “I?”
I say it more to remind my partner that we're a couple.
I mostly say "I."
Yes, most of my plans and stories involve both of us.
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Do you two agree on what you consider important issues?
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