Quiz: Design Your Perfect Wedding, We'll Tell You What Decade You Belong In

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Were you born in the wrong generation? Design your perfect wedding and we'll tell you what decade you should have been born in!

Were you born in the wrong generation? Design your perfect wedding and we'll tell you what decade you should have been born in!

 Oct 12, 2017
1 of 16Book your wedding venue!
wedding venue, barn, church, beach, winery
2 of 16How many people will you invite?
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3 of 16Describe your wedding dress.
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A traditional dress -- the more poofy the better.
Something sleek and understated. Nothing fancy.
Something completely classic and vintage.
Something that flows and gets caught on the wind.
4 of 16What season would you like to get married in?
wedding seasons, fall, spring, summer, winter, wedding
5 of 16How many bridesmaids will you have?
bridesmaids, wedding, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My sibling and closest two friends.
My friends, my siblings, my cousins, my partner's cousins...
6 of 16What color scheme will you pick?
Steel Magnolias, wedding, blush and bashful, pink
Black and white.
Red and white.
Turquoise, coral, or pink.
7 of 16Craft a signature cocktail.
wedding, cocktails, drinks
Fresh muddled berries, hibiscus, and a lot of vodka.
Something refreshing, like a mojito.
Just champagne.
Pina coladas and sex on the beach.
8 of 16Describe your cake.
wedding singer, drew barrymore, wedding, cake
Simplistic, little icing, vanilla or chocolate cake.
As tall and as colorful as it can be.
Different flavored cupcakes.
Three tiered red velvet.
9 of 16How will you wear your hair?
wedding, hair, Wedding hair
Long, wavy, with flowers.
A clean, classic updo.
The bigger the hair, the closer to God.
Short with a simple accessory.
10 of 16Describe the person you’re marrying.
bride wars, wedding, kate hudson, Anne Hathaway
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They're a total free spirit.
They are true to themselves.
They are clean cut and professional.
My family approves of them.
11 of 16What tradition will you do away with?
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Carrying the bride over the threshold.
Bouquet toss
I will keep all the traditions!
Feeding each other cake.
12 of 16How will you serve dinner?
wedding, wedding dinner
A choice of a main course.
A huge buffet.
Family style.
Food trucks.
13 of 16How do you prep for your first dance?
Friends, wedding, first dance
We'll take dance classes.
We don't prepare.
We listened to all our favorite songs.
I've been practicing since I was little.
14 of 16What type of entertainment will you have?
wedding singer, wedding, adam sandler
My iPhone on shuffle.
Local acoustic artists
Live big band
15 of 16What cheesy dance song will you insist be played?
wedding, dance, dance songs, party songs
Cotton Eyed Joe
16 of 16Where will you honeymoon?
honeymoon, wedding, vacation
An all inclusive resort where all the drinks are free.
California's coast
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