Quiz: Are You Actually Compassionate? Most People Lack This Gene, Do You?

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Would you be surprised to find out you aren't "compassionate?"

Answer 16 questions to determine if you are actually compassionate and at what level your compassion peaks. You'll be surprised.

 Jan 27, 2018

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What do you think when you see someone who is a victim of homelessness?
I wonder how they got to this point and think of them for a while.
I give them money/food.
I offer advice or talk to them.

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What do you find yourself worrying about most?
Myself, my friends.
Making ends meet, my career.
My close family.

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How often do you compliment strangers?
Once and a while, but only if they interest me.
Never, I'm too shy.
Very often.

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Your best friend has fallen on hard times, how do you typically help?
I open my door, do everything I can for them.
I'll lend them money until they get back on their feet.
I listen to them and offer help where I can.

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How do you typically cheer up someone you care about?
I give them space.
Food, gifts, a friendly ear.
I distract them from their problems.

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Your neighbor is starting a conflict over something trivial (like hedge height)...
I apologize and become upset they would talk to me like this.
I compromise and make my neighbor happy.
I tell them to mind their own business.

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What trait to most of the people you've dated share?
Their temper

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A close great aunt falls and breaks her hip, how do you react?
I make sure she has the best help we can afford.
Drop everything, no matter what, fly there to help.
There's probably someone who is more capable than me to help.

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How many people do you consider your "good" or "best" friends?
Three to four.
Many! Too many to count.
One or two.

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You found out someone you love has betrayed you...
I will be able to forgive, but not forget, and it will destroy us.
In the long run, I will choose to forgive them.
I will never speak with this person again.

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How would your best friend describe you?

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How would your worst enemy describe you?

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What animal are you drawn to?

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In order to be happy you need...
My loved ones to be happy.
Stability in my life.
A lot of laughter and fun.

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Do you experience second-hand embarrassment?
All the time.

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When you pour drinks, who do you serve first?
My friend.
Myself, if I'm really thirsty. They are self sufficient!
Oh, I never thought about it...
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