Quiz: Are You A True Scorpio? You May Be Surprised With Your Score

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Just how much of a Scorpio are you?

Just how much of a typical Scorpio are you? Are you a true Scorpio? Answer 16 questions to find out what percent Scorpio you actually are.

 Nov 09, 2017
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What is a motto you normally live by?
If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
It doesn't matter if you don't succeed, as long as you try.
Don't spit in the wind.
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On a typically Friday night, what are you doing?
Out with my friends or having my family over for dinner.
To be honest, I'm asleep by 7:30.
Crying over the latest romance novel.
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Are you a jealous person?
No, not at all.
Yes, most of the time.
Yes, I can be, but I usually keep it in check.
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Are you focused or a day dreamer?
I am very focused and goal driven.
Total day dreamer.
I'm focused to a point.
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What is it like when you fall in love?
I fall in love quickly with a lot of people.
I fall in and out of love quickly.
It is a slow process, but I am fiercely loyal when it does happen.
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Are you a secretive person?
No, I tell everyone everything!
Yes, it takes me a long time to open up.
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Is it easy for you to trust others?
Yes, I trust everyone.
No, it takes a lot for me to trust others.
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How do you present yourself in a work environment?
I don't take my job very seriously.
I am professional and need to get my work done perfectly.
Work is a great place to hang out with people.
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Do you easily forgive people who have betrayed you?
Yes, we all make mistakes.
No -- my trust is hard to earn, and if you lose it that's it.
I may hold out, but I will forgive them fairly quickly.
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Pick a word that describes you.
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What is your biggest pet peeve?
When someone says they will do something, but then they don't.
It is hard to bother me.
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How do you feel about your exes?
They're my ex for a reason, and I don't care for them.
I love all of them and hope they're happy.
Nothing -- besides a bit of curiosity to what they're up to.
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What activity sounds the most fun to you?
A paint and sip class.
Exploring a new city with my significant other.
Lazing on the couch watching Netflix.
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What would you order off the menu?
Something I've never tried before but looks delicious.
Something I've had many, many times before and I know I like.
Whatever is popular on Yelp.
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What element are you drawn to?
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What would be a perfect date to you?
A quiet dinner at a pizza joint.
Making out in the backseat of a a really nice car.
Rock climbing or something active.
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