Quiz: Answer 16 Questions To Find Out Your Partner's Love Personality


Answer 16 simple questions and find out how your partner wants to be loved.

Answer 16 questions to find out the love language of your partner to help understand him/her better!!

 Oct 27, 2017
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If you had to pick, what makes your partner feel the best?
A compliment or a reassuring “I love you.”
When we are cuddling or kissing.
Making them dinner or picking up their house.
Spending time together, even just watching TV.
When I bring them a small gift.
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What do you and your partner fight the most about?
Insensitive comments, miscommunication.
Not enough thought into every day surprises.
Not enough time spent together.
Lack of intimacy.
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Your partner has had a terrible day at work, how do you console them?
We spend the night near each other, not really doing anything.
I hold my partner.
I tell them all of the great things they do.
I go out and buy them something I know they’ve been wanting.
I do the laundry. One last thing for them to worry about!
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How does your partner feel about public displays of affection?
We sometimes show PDA.
We hold hands, but nothing extreme.
PDA is very important to my partner.
We do not show PDA.
We share our feelings verbally more.
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How does your partner act when you are away from each other for a long stretch of time?
My partner craves texts and phone calls.
When they return, we spend a lot of time holding each other.
Being apart greatly effects my partner, and we have to discuss it a lot.
I make sure the little things are done for them when they come home.
I send packages to remind my partner that I care.
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What would be the perfect birthday present for your partner?
A personal card.
Something homemade and a carefree day.
An entire day spent together.
A number of small presents that made me think of them.
A night out or an intimate night in.
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What sentence would mean the most to your partner?
My partner would rather I cuddle up to them than say anything.
"I've already handled that duty you've been fretting about."
"I love you and I'm proud of you."
"Let's play hooky and go out together."
"I saw this out shopping and thought you'd love it!"
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Which one sounds like your partner the most?
A very thoughtful gift goes a long way with them.
They like to spend time with friends and family.
When others help them or reach out it means a lot.
They like to receive letters and thank you notes.
They like hugging or being touched in some way.
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Which describes your partner the best?
They like affection.
They value assistance.
They like conversation and togetherness.
They value little gifts that say “I’m thinking of you.”
They value praise and avoid criticism.
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Which would your partner pick?
Holding hands
Team work
Encouraging words
Undivided attention
Meaningful gifts
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Which bothers your partner the most?
When someone is lazy or takes advantage of the other person.
When others don't keep their promises.
When others cancel plans.
When people are distant.
When someone forgets birthdays or anniversaries.
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How does your partner cheer themselves up?
They repeat, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and people like me."
They communicate with the person upsetting them.
They will hold or kiss me.
They enjoy time to themselves relaxing.
They look at all that they have.
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What would be the perfect date to your partner?
Cooking a meal together.
Watching movies on the couch.
Something where we can be close, like slow dancing.
Going for a hike and talking about our feelings.
A thoughtful trip to do something like paint and sip wine.
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Which would your partner prefer?
I show interest in the things my partner cares about.
A leave a small gift in my partner’s car to surprise them.
I fill my partner’s gas tank and get their car washed without them asking.
I compliment my partner’s appearance.
My partner and I kiss frequently.
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Why would your partner look forward to a holiday?
It’s a chance for us to be romantic.
It’s a chance for me to do something nice for them.
It’s a chance for me to give them little gifts I’ve found for them.
It’s a chance for me to tell them I care about them and why.
It’s a chance for us to spend time together without work or obligations.
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What do you think is most important to your partner?
Time spent together.
Positive words
Holding each other and kissing.
Tokens of gratitude.
Doing favors.
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