Quiz: Answer 16 Questions To Find Out Your True Parenting Style


Your parenting style can seriously effect your child's life. What's your parenting style IQ?

Your parenting style can seriously effect your child's life. What's your parenting style IQ? Are you a pushover or an authoritarian?

 Nov 01, 2017
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Do you believe children should be seen and not heard?
No, children deserve to be heard.
I literally do not know where my child is right now.
No, as long as they are respectful.
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If your child misbehaves, do they know what the consequence will be?
Yes, I have strict rules and punishments.
I don't punish my children.
Yes and no, sometimes I don't follow through on punishments.
Yes, my child is aware of what happens.
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Do you think society should be more strict with their kids?
Yes and no, it depends on the family.
Yes, 100%. Parents are too soft now a days.
It's not my business how others treat their kids.
No, they're just children.
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Do you think parents should listen to their kids’ concerns?
Yes, but keep in mind that you're the parent.
Yes, always!
I don't listen to my kids, I don't even know where they are.
No, it is my way or the high way.
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Do you allow your child to make most of their own decisions?
Yes, how else will they learn?
No, they do what I expect of them.
Somewhat. If I disagree with their decision we will talk about it.
My kids make all their own decisions.
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What do you do if your child questions one of your rules?
We meet in the middle regarding the rule.
I don't have rules.
I punish them.
I listen, but explain why we have the rules.
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Does your child perform chores?
Yes, there are certain chores they are responsible for.
Yes, almost all of them.
No, but if I asked they would pitch in.
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Who, most often, has the last word in an argument?
I listen to my child, but as the adult it is usually me.
My child.
Me -- always.
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Do children need painful discipline so they remember the lesson?
Seriously, has anyone seen my child??
Yes. Spare the rod, spoil the child.
No, sometimes I don't even enforce a punishment.
No, I don't believe in painful or harsh punishment.
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Do you believe a child can pretty much raise themselves?
No, they need to be told what to do.
I sure hope so... if not, I hope they are being raised by wolves by now.
Yes, in the right environment.
No, They will need some direction.
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Do you think in order to gain respect, you most also respect your child?
No, no one respects anyone.
Yes, it's important to be equals.
No. They must respect me, I do not have to respect them.
Yes, mutual respect is essential.
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Does your child get ready in the morning without help?
My kid does everything on their own.
Yes, they know how to get themselves ready at a reasonable age.
No, I help them with a lot.
I tell the kids exactly what to do.
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Do you think the parent should be the boss?
Not a boss, per se, but in charge certainly.
No, I don't believe in being the boss.
100% all of the time.
My kid can fend for themselves.
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Should there be rigid rules?
First rule of parenting: there are no rules.
No, everything is meant to be bent.
Certain rules should be strict, but others can be discussed.
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Should children be told exactly what to do?
Nah. They're fine.
Sometimes, but you should trust them as well.
No, kids need to be able to make their own mistakes.
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Do you think children should be encouraged to discuss family rules?
Yes, this is a partnership.
Yes, discussion is welcome but ultimately I make the rules.
When was the last time I talked to my kid???
No! I set the rules!
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