Quiz: 16 Questions Are Able To Deduct What Type Of Anxiety You Have


There are several different branches of anxiety.

Answer 16 questions about your personality and health to find out which branch of anxiety you may be suffering from.

 Jan 11, 2018
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When do you feel the most comfortable?
When I'm with someone I love.
Everything is perfectly in it's place.
When I have time to myself.
After I complete an important task.
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How do you feel about visiting a doctor?
I never want to go to the doctor.
I'll go, but only if it is really needed.
I wait until the last minute to see a doctor.
I see my doctor very often.
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Who has the ability to help you feel safe?
No one, usually.
A close friend/family member
I can eventually snap myself out of it.
My significant other.
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What scares you the most?
Losing the people I love.
Public speaking.
Big crowds.
Being sick.
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How do you keep your house?
My home needs to be as clean as possible, at all times.
It's a bit messy, but I try to pick up.
It is messy.
I keep things clean, but not obsessively.
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Do you have physical signs of anxiety?
I shake, maybe sweat, it's hard for me to breath.
All of these.
I blush.
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Do you feel like you need to be in control?
No, being "in control" doesn't effect me.
It depends on the situation.
I would prefer if someone I trusted was in control.
I 100% need to be in control at all times.
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How much do you sleep?
8+ hours if I can.
I sleep a normal schedule unless I'm away from my partner.
I get very little sleep. I have to get up to fix things.
I sleep, usually, the recommended 6-8.
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Do you have thoughts that play on repeat?
Yes, very often -- of how things can go wrong.
Not a lot.
It depends on if I have a stressful day.
Yes, all the time. I'm not sure if I did things, like turn off the stove.
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Do you stick to a schedule?
Not really.
Yes, I need a proper schedule every day.
For the most part.
Only for work.
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What is terrifying to you?
Having to give a presentation to the whole class/company.
Losing things, forgetting things.
Being alone.
Work events or "getting to know you" in class.
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Do you avoid social situations because of your anxiety?
Yes, by all means necessary.
Sometimes, but it depends on what the situation is.
If I have to go alone, I won't go.
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Do you have any of the following habits?
Heavy drinking
Repetitive actions.
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What word describes you best?
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What is a strength that you have?
I'm kind, I can empathize with anyone.
I'm highly intuitive and can read people.
I'm loyal, I'd do anything for my friends and family.
I'm funny, I often catch people off guard.
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Describe yourself.
Secure as long as I feel supported.
Easily alarmed and frightened.
Frightened over things I can't change.
Constantly going over things in my mind.
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