Quiz: 16 Question History Test Will Reveal How Old People Think You Are

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Answer these 16 history questions and we'll tell you how old people think you actually are! Are you wise beyond your years?

Answer these 16 history questions and find out how old people really think you are! Are you wise beyond your years?

 Mar 11, 2020

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Who is considered "the first lady of civil rights?"
Elizabeth Eckford
Rosa Parks
Sylvia Plath

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Who was the last president assassinated in office?
John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
James Abram Garfield

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What was the minimum wage in 1960?

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The Space Race was between the United States and what Cold War rivals?
Soviet Union

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Which deadly chemical was used heavily in the Vietnam War?
Agent Orange
Tear gas
CS Gas

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The Watergate scandal involved which US president?

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What musical festival happened in 1969 in New York state?
Electric Zoo

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Lewis and Clark explore the West with the help of this woman.
Betsy Ross

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Who wrote "The Diary of a Young Girl?"
Dorothy Parker
Anne Frank
Sylvia Plath

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During the roaring '20s, girls who bobbed their hair were called what?

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In 1953 the star of this hit show was the first to depict childbirth on TV.
"I Love Lucy"
"Leave it to Beaver"

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Who won the first Superbowl?
New York Jets
Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Rams

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In 1989, what infamous wall fell?
The Berlin Wall
The Great Wall of China
Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

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In 1978, David Berkowitz confessed to six murders. He is better known as...
Ted Bundy
the Son of Sam.
the Grandson of Samuel.

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In 1941, Marvel introduced this All American hero.
Captain America

16 of 16This is possibly the first meme. What's his name?

kilroy, meme, first meme
Big Nose Bubbba
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