10 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony 2018 Instagram Captions

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Instagram Captions For Olympics Opening Ceremony


It's a great chant, but a pretty lame Instagram caption TBH.

When are the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

They're approaching pretty soon (like, Friday my dudes,) and you're going to want to have a quality ‘gram ‘tion ready to go for when that one hot flag bearer from Tonga crosses your screen.

When do the Winter Olympics start? What's the best Olympic Opening Ceremony drinking game?

The Winter Olympics will run from February 7 until February 25. The best drinking game is one where you chug whenever you realize "Oh, man, these people are younger than I am and way more successful."

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games, or better known as the PyeongChang 2018, will take place in Pyeongchang County, South Korea this year and the United States will have 241 participants total in 15 sports.

While security is dealing with a debilitating norovirus, you have bigger things to worry about: the amount of likes your post may or may not receive.

Sure, you may never be half the athlete these competitors from all over the world are, but you can try to take consolation in the fact that you have plenty of things to offer that they can't. In my case, I write a really great caption under social media posts. Does it pay my bills? Of course not. Does it suggest that I'm witty despite not once having an intellectual conversation? You bet.

It's like they say: if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. These professional athletes are doing exactly what they love, and hope to bring home some gold to their home country. I love what I do, and I don't work, because no one will hire me to be their social media manager.

Anyway, please enjoy these Instagram captions for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony!

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Ice skaters just look good in spandex and turn left really fast.

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Sip your drink when a new country is introduced. Take a shot whenever the mascot is explained. Finish your drink when they light the Olympic cauldron. Beerlympics.

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Biting into my pizza like an Olympian biting into their gold medal.

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Just imagine the Tinder situation at this Winter Olympic opening ceremony right now. BRB, changing my profile location.

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Watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony is a great way for me to get mad at my geography teacher.

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Eating cookies, crumbs on my chest, watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. This is what peak performance looks like.

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The five rings on the Olympic flag represent the five onion rings I eat every time a new country is introduced.

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It's currently two degrees at the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony, so that's another excuse I'll give for not participating.

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If you guys need any breakdown of the upcoming games, I've seen I, Tonya so I'm kind of an expert.

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Sliding into your DMs faster than a luge rider slides to the finish line.