Who Is The Next Bachelorette 2018? Spoilers And Predictions


Who Is The New Bachelorette? Is Becca The New Bachelorette?

After last night's train wreck of an episode, we learned who won the Bachelor. But did we really? Because it seemed like everyone lost. Tonight, the next Bachelorette 2018 will be announced. Who is the new Bachelorette 2018? Is Becca the new Bachelorette? We can only hope. We've got details and predictions for who the new Bachelorette is. So, get ready for some crazy Bachelorette 2018 spoilers. But first, here's what happened on The Bachelor.

Last night, Bachelor Nation was horrified and glued to their television sets when Arie proposed to Becca K, only to then dump her in a heartless fashion to try to get with runner-up Lauren.

In a 30-minute, unedited scene, where one camera was positioned on Arie, and the other on Becca, we were forced to witness a breakup in real time.

Normally, this is something I experience whenever the person I'm dating realizes I'm insane — I never thought I'd witness this through the eyes of someone else.

Updated at the end

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Who Won The Bachelor?

Vulture probably put it best when they described last night as a "Half-Hour Spectacle of Human Misery."

Imagine falling in love with a man who swore that he loved you as well. You become engaged and think all is well, you allow yourself to daydream about the future.

With hopes this high, what could go wrong?! Both Becca and Lauren deserve better.

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Apparently, you could fall in love with the ultimate FUCK BOY — Arie.

He reneged on his proposal to Becca in an effort to get back with runner-up Lauren. Because he is literally the worst.

In fact, four days before it was announced that Arie would be the Bachelor, his ex Sydney Stempfley tweeted:

"The show would be perfect for @ariejr up until it comes to choosing just one."

SO. ON. THE. NOSE. IT. HURTS. Like, jeez, apparently he even tried to slide into the DM's of once-missing Bekah M. after the show wrapped.

Literally cannot believe the most boring Bachelor to ever Bach turned out to be the biggest fuck boy of Bachelor history.

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Who Is The Next Bachelorette?

After witnessing the fuckery that is Arie, we can't help but wonder: Is Becca the new Bachelorette?

Bachelor Nation seems to hope so, and the hints put out by ABC may just back it all up.

There's nothing fans love more than the one person who got their heart broken the worst getting a second chance at love.

We love a story of healing, don't we?

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All in all, how is this season going to end?

Arie is the worst.

Becca is broken-hearted.

Lauren is always going to feel like his second choice…

Honestly, the only way this season can be saved is if Lauren breaks up with Arie on live TV tonight and then starts dating Becca. Because both ladies deserved so much more than what happened on last night's episode. Make it happen, ABC!

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Update: Becca is the next Bachelorette!

Congrats, Becca!