Who Are The Bachelorette Contestants Vying For Becca's Heart


Who Are The Bachelorette Contestants 2018?

The Bachelor has finally ended — and just in time, we couldn't stand to look at Arie anymore.

Who is the next Bachelorette? None other than the one who had her heart broken the most — Becca is the new Bachelorette. When does the Bachelorette start 2018?

And we got to meet five of the new Bachelorette contestants last night, and they're already better than Arie in almost every way.

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Can we just take a minute to talk about another dick move Arie pulled? I mean, besides becoming engaged, breaking off that engagement, and then becoming engaged to Lauren just a week after.

He's now taking credit for making Becca the Bachelorette. My distaste for this man knows no bounds.

He told Good Morning America:

"I really wanted everyone to know that this was on me. This was my fault, and I felt like filming that would let people know that, that if there were any questions on the breakup, that those would be squashed if they saw the breakup.

"And I wanted her that opportunity, honestly, I wanted her that opportunity to be the potential Bachelorette. I hope I gave her that closure. I'm very happy for her. I'm happy that she's going to be able to find her true love through the show."


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Lets meet the first five men who are vying for Becca's heart.

Becca Kufrin is a 27-year-old publiscist from Minnesota who is ready to put her short-lived engagement to a man-child behind her. She's ready to be the new Bachelorette.

She said,

"It does scare me,. I'm sure it would [scare] any human, knowing that I was just engaged, I was in love. But I have so much love to give and I want just a partner in life. I'm not afraid to date these guys and find the one who is the best fit for me — I welcome that with open arms.

"The grand gesture of the engagement, of course, does freak me out a little bit. But that being said, I went into Arie's season being as open as I could be so I want to do the same in this next chapter."

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Lincoln, the first contestant we met, is already a fan favorite for his earnest speech and that adorable British accent.


It doesn't hurt that he said what we're all thinking:

"I watched what you went through last night and I need to applaud you for how well you handled that. It's contagious and that energy has inspired me. I cannot speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself, and a few people. Arie is a wanker!"

Lincoln also informed Becca that tonight was about her — and that it was his birthday. He said, "I can't ask for a better birthday present. I'm really looking forward to going on this incredible journey with you."

What a delight.

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Chase didn't impress many people last night, but you should never underestimate the quiet ones. He told Becca:

"I saw what you went through as well and my heart goes out to you. I think that everyone agrees with me here that you deserve better than that. When one door closes, another door opens and I hope to be that open door. That smile is beautiful and I can't wait to see it when I walk out of the limo for the first time!"

Hopefully this isn't a theme for this season of the Bachelorette — the men feeling like they have to piece together a broken woman. BECCA IS FINE, SHE'S GONNA GET HER'S.

On top of that, it was pretty easy to find Chase on Instagram because he introduced himself with his full name. Apparently, he's in advertising.

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Ryan rolled out in a floral velvet jacket, a bowtie, and a quirky original song he wrote about being on the Bachelorette which he plucked on his banjo.

So Ryan is either going to be really adorable with his dimples or the most annoying "I'm special, please pay attention to me" contestant.

According to Ryan's LinkedIn, he's a landscape designer and contractor in California.

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Darius, Darius, Darius. I'm already uncomfortable. Darius was obviously obsessed with how beautiful Becca is, and I can understand that, but dial it down, my dude.

He even went as far as saying he had a hot babe of a girlfriend — to which Becca said, "Don't get ahead of yourself."

Being cocky is not attractive.

Darius is a 26-year-old former University of Wisconsin football player.

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Blake brought a horse.

(I so want to leave it at just that, but I'll continue.)

Blake brought a horse into the studio and told Becca:

"When you fall off the horse, you've got to get back up again."

He helped her climb up on the horse and sit side-saddle. PERSONALLY, I grew up by a racetrack and the last thing I would want to do is sit side-saddle on a horse while I'm in a gown and heels.

But, I GUESS I will admit it was a cute gesture.

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When Does The Bachelorette Air?

Becca will start wading through these men later this year on ABC. Stay tuned to meet the rest of the contestants!