When Will You Find True Love, According To Your 2018 Horoscope


When Will You Find True Love 2018 True Love Horoscope

Are you ready to find out when you will find true love, according to your 2018 love horoscope? There is a lot to learn from the stars, and yes, that includes when will you find true love.

Your 2018 true love horoscope may all depend on one very important factor: Venus herself.

So far, the moon has affected us greatly this year, but Venus is constantly vying for attention, especially when she moves into your particular sign. But when is Venus in your house? And is that when your chances of love are increased?

There's only one way to find out. Click through the slideshow to find your sign. There, you will see exactly when Venus is around to amp up your true love finding skills in 2018, and which sign you should be paying particularly a LOT of attention to — not to mention which sign to avoid.

True love awaits. Here's when you will find true love, according to your horoscope!

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When Will You Find True Love: Aries

Aries, you may notice that you've been feeling particularly magnetic in February. It's been a good month to exercise your charm and find a lot of dates.

However, you are searching for something more substantial, aren't you? While you can have anyone you want, you don't want just anyone.

Pay attention to March 7. Venus has begin to move into your house in February, but March 7 promises to be very fiery for you.

Be wary of jealousy and doubts — these will cause you plenty of problems in your relationship in 2018.

Something good is coming in February/March — it may seem like it's too soon in the year to find someone special, but allow this person in!

If you try to find true love in the second part of the year, you may find yourself becoming bitter.

Pay attention to Libra, there will be an instant attraction.

Avoid another Aries, you'll bicker and fight endlessly.

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When Will You Find True Love: Taurus

Spring is your time to find love, Taurus! There's no better day than March 31. The trees are beginning to bud and you can't help but feel fulfilled with the world coming alive around you!

And 2018 will be a great year for your love life — there's not much to worry about! Even though other aspects of your life may have trouble, your relationships will be fine.

You are going to have to make a choice, however. It looks like there are a few people who have their eye on you — you've been very charming.

Don't think you've met The One. As someone wise told me, the first person to tell you that they love you isn't necessarily going to be the person who means it the most.

Pay attention to Virgo, you have a bright future with one.

Avoid Cancer, you two can't even have a conversation.

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When Will You Find True Love: Gemini

Venus is moving into your sign towards the end of April, and you will find it to be a very flirty time.

You feel light and social, and you'll find yourself in the company of another social butterfly.

So far you feel 2018's love department has been lacking. It's a bit too calm — yaaawn. But this will change around April 25.

You'll have a lot of dates this year, but you may just find THE ONE in the jumble of them all. Don't jump in too soon. Keep grounded — which is hard for you, you air sign.

Pay attention to Virgo, you won't be able to get enough of each other.

Avoid Aries, you will fight every day.

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When Will You Find True Love: Cancer

You have plenty to look forward to in the late spring/early summer, my little water sign.

Drama and break-ups may effect your 2018, but things will look up towards the end of the year.

Cancer, pay attention to May 20. This is when your love life is really blossoming. You will feel happier than ever in the sunshine, and it will glow throughout you.

You may even surprise yourself with how flirty you are — if you stay social (I mean it, don't spend every weekend inside this year!), you may find someone incredible for you.

Pay attention to Scorpio, you will have a night with one that you will never, ever forget.

Avoid Aries, you'll put your foot in your mouth and they'll fight you to the bitter end.

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When Will You Find True Love: Leo

On June 14, Venus moves into Leo.

This whole year, you've been full of passion! So much so that you've found it uncontrollable. You find yourself filled with desire, and maybe not just for one person…

You'll need to figure out what you want from a relationship — otherwise you're doomed to hurt not only yourself, but many, many partners this years.

Pay attention to Gemini, you will share a unique bond.

Avoid Virgo, you won't be able to talk without fighting

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When Will You Find True Love: Virgo

Virgo, 2018 is your year for love!

You will find your true love… completely by chance. And after all these years of painfully searching for the one…

You'll have little arguments, maybe even a dud of a date, but this is the year.

Make sure you take your time to fully get to know someone before you dub them The One. You may find that the one you felt immense attraction to burns out quickly, while the one you didn't give a second look at may just light the fire of your loins year after year.

Keep your eyes peels on July 10.

Pay attention to Pisces, they will support you and comfort you during your difficult times.

Avoid Libra, you two can't even hold a conversation.

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When Will You Find True Love: Libra

Venus has found her way home in Libra on August 7.

Has 2018 had a rough start? Was there a breakup? Or… will there be one soon? You've had many doubts and fears thus far, but know that as 2018 progresses, these will flitter away.

In fact, that breakup may have been the best thing to happen to you.

Pay attention to Aries, oooh, they will make your heart pound this year.

Avoid Virgo, they will annoy you to death.

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When Will You Find True Love: Scorpio

Venus, the planet of romance, will find it's way to sexy Scorpio on September 9, so expect a lot of tantalizing conversation and heavy flirt sessions.

2018 will give you plenty of highs — you're head over heels in love, and plenty of lows — arguments so bad that you may storm out the door. But, that's passion for you, and you're nothing if not passionate.

You want to meet new people this year, but you will also find yourself getting hurt by them. In fact, these may amount to nothing except flings.

Don't let desires get out of hand, you could end up breaking up at the end of the year.

Pay attention to Cancer, they will comfort you with their kindness.

Avoid Aquarius, you're just too different.

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When Will You Find True Love: Sagittarius

Summer is your season this year! You'll find yourself with plenty of prospects, but it's November that is intriguing me — you may just find someone very new, very exciting, and very special in that month.

You sit on the sidelines too often! Go out there and meet others! You aren't happy right now, am I wrong? You see couples everywhere you go. But August is where that will change. You'll find yourself out and about and actually flirting.

Pay attention to Leo, you as a couple will make everyone jealous.

Avoid Taurus, you won't be able to give them what they want.

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When Will You Find True Love: Capricorn

This year is about putting yourself first. You need "me time," and to love yourself before you can allow yourself to love another.

You may spend this year alone, but I don't want you to worry. You are going to meet a lot of people, and love is going to come to you. I can say… you may not be celebrating Christmas alone.

Pay attention to Gemini, you and Gemini will have a very heated flirt session.

Avoid Scorpio, things will always seem… off.

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When Will You Find True Love: Aquarius

Did you pay attention to January 18?

Were you social, free, happy?!

Good! Hopefully you're carrying that along with you as we speak. But 2018 is a year where you have to give up control.

Changes are coming, and you have to accept them. If you do, you'll find happiness by the end of the year.

Look to someone that started as only a friendship — by summer it could be a lot more.

Pay attention to Libra, you will be the ideal couple.

Avoid Virgo, they will be so boring to you.

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When Will You Find True Love: Pisces

Did you feel Venus on February 11? Did you have an incredible Valentine's day?

This year, you need to stop being fearful. You need to dare to love. You need to focus on building up your self-confidence.

If you feel good about yourself, then you're going to take the exact leap of fate you need to take — and once you do that, there is a lot of happiness waiting for you.

You won't be single by the end of the year.

Pay attention to Cancer, there is an incredible passion betwixt the two of you.

Avoid Sagittarius, you'll think it's better than being alone — but you'll annoy each other every step of the way.