When Are The Next Winter Olympics 2022? Everything You Must Know


When Are The Next Winter Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are coming to an end, but don't fret — they'll be back.But when are the next Winter Olympics? Where are the next Winter Olympics 2022? What channel are the Olympics on? Where can you watch the Winter Olympics 2022 Opening Ceremony?

Click through the slideshow to find out everything we already know about the next Winter Olympics! Spoiler alert: I assume there will be snow! But what do I know? I'm not a sports anchor.

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When Are The Next Winter Olympics?

The Olympics occur every four years, so they next Winter Olympics will take place in the year 2022!

They will be held in February, and will last just over two weeks from February 4 to February 20.

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Where Are The Next Winter Olympics 2022?

You'll be able to catch all of the action of the next Winter Olympic games in China's capital city, Beijing!

It will mainly take place in the Hebei province, but some events will occur in the neighboring towns.

This won't be the first Olympics hosted in Beijing — the 2008 Summer Olympics were held there as well!

Beijing will be the only city to ever host both the Summer and Winter Olympics!

On the plus side, that means some of the infrastructures already exist in Beijing, so the costs will be lower, but the Winter games will require some major construction.

China is already building six new competition venues.

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Where To Watch Winter Olympics 2022

As always, you can catch all of the Olympic action, both summer and winter games, on NBC and through their many streaming options.

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Where Are The 2026 Winter Olympics?

Because of the insane costs of the games, there are no bids for 2026 Winter Olympics, as of now.

Six European cities even removed their bids for 2022 — it was between Beijing and Almaty, the capital city of Kazakhstan for the next Olympics.

The Summer Olympics, however, already have their homes through 2028.

The next Summer Olympics will be hosted in Tokyo in 2020, then in Paris in 2024, then in Los Angeles in 2028.