When Does Mercury Retrograde Start And End?


When Is Mercury Retrograde 2018?

When are Mercury retrograde dates? And what is Mercury retrograde? When does Mercury retrograde start in 2018? When does it end? We need to know so that we're prepared!

It's nothing to fret over, but depending on your sign it may throw you off your game. In fact, it's best to assume "if it can go wrong, it probably will." So pay attention to when does Mercury retrograde start, and when does Mercury retrograde end.

Click through the slideshow to find out 2018 Mercury Retrograde Dates and what it means for your zodiac sign!

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What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Because of how our orbit interacts with other planets, sometimes it appears that the other planets are moving backward through the sky. This is, however, an illusion — one we call "apparent retrograde motion."

Mercury enters retrograde a number of times a year, and it isn't rare for its backward motion to make us confused, misplace object, miscommunication, or basically just goof the heck up.

That said, it is an amazing time to reflect on your past. Namely, people from your past may reappear. Look back at your life and find what you need to learn — and close doors that need to be closed.

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When Does Mercury Retrograde Start?

In 2018, Mercury will enter retrograde March 23.

When Does Mercury Retrograde End

Mercury will leave retrograde on April 15.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

Mercury will enter retrograde three times in 2018.

The first, which we are about to experience is March 23 to April 15.

Then July 26 to August 19.

And finally November 17 to December 6.

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How To Deal With Mercury Retrograde

Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, etc.

So you should always give yourself plenty of time to travel. Your flight will be delayed, you'll hit traffic, you might even get into a fender bender.

Avoid signing contracts. You can always review these agreements, but don't make big decisions until after April 15.

You can't blame Mercury for all the "bad" things happening in your life, these things sometimes just happen. However, it is a good time to reflect — are you putting your energy where you want it to be?

For example, if family is important to you, are you investing your energy there or are you overextending to work more than your kin?

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What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean For Your Sign?

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