What's In The New Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate? Basically Christmas In A Cup

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Starbucks reveals their new holiday drink, the Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate.

What is in the new Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate?

An educated guess would include the essence of Christmas, elf tears, and a dairy alternative. Obviously, I'm not a Starbucks barista, so what do I know?

Along with the red cups that have divided a nation ("Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays?" That's what we're fighting about, right?), there is a new holiday beverage chocked full of sugar to get you through that Black Friday shopping. It's called the Starbucks Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate and yes, it is a game changer.


There is one huge ingredient the Starbucks Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate lacks though...

Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate has ZERO coffee in it, so why are we even BOTHERING?!

Unlike the well respected Pumpkin Spiced Latte, the Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate has no caffeine.

What it does include is steamed Almondmilk, mocha sauce, and toffee nut syrup -- topped with whipped cream and caramel brûlée bits.

Translation: sugar high.


Is Starbucks' Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate only available for a limited time?

Dear LORD, how much time do we have?!

Chill, ya'll.

Yes, the Starbucks Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate (how many times will I type this out? ...How many times will I say it aloud to my barista, covering my face in shame least they know how much sugar I intake in a day?) sounds like solely a holiday treat, but it's going to be around for you to try after the holiday season.

Starbucks, which released the steamy treat on November 21, will be adding the TAHC to their permanent hot chocolate menu, where it will join the ranks of Starbucks' classic Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

And I have officially typed "chocolate" enough times that it no longer looks like a real word.


Starbucks' limited time specials, like the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, will not be so long lasting.

The White Chocolate Mocha features "caramelized flavors of white chocolate," whipped cream, and candied cranberry sugar. Other seasonal classics include Starbucks' Gingerbread Latte, Caramel Brulee Latte, Eggnog Latte, and Chestnut Praline Latte.

Of course, you only have a few more weeks to cop more Pumpkin Spice Lattes, if you're into that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, you can find me possibly switching out my regular two shot espresso drink with this fancy new toffee concoction. While it sounds delicious, I not only fear change, but I fear how I would react to any reduction of my caffeine intact.

Will you be trying the new Starbucks Toffee Almondmilk Hot Chocolate??

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