What Is A Black Moon? How To See First Black Moon In 19 Years


What Is A Black Moon?

The black moon is a phenomenon that is set to take place later this month! What what is a black moon? Why is it called a black moon, and when was the last black moon?

Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the rare occurrence.

In January, stargazers and horoscope believers saw a super blue blood moon, but February will have it's own special night time happenings: a black moon.

But what is a black moon?

There are actually a few definitions as to what a black moon actually is — in this month's case it is when there is no full moon in the month.

The other definitions are when a month has two new moons or when a season has four new moons instead of three.

Why Is It Called A Black Moon?

Simply because when a new moon rises it appears black because there is little light reflecting off of the moon's surface.

The moon's full cycle is 29.5 days — so, generally, there is a full moon to each month. It's the reason why we have werewolves.

However, February, since it is a short month, is the only month in which a black moon can occur. This month will not have a full moon.

This is also why we had a blue moon in January. A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in a month. We will have another blue moon in March because of February's lack of a full moon.

These blue moons happen every three and a half years. However, the black moon is much rarer.

When Was The Last Black Moon?

The last time there was a Black Moon was in 1999. This will be the first black moon in 19 years!

This will happen again in another 19 years.

A black moon is also referred to as a "dark moon" or even a "Lilith moon" by astrologers and people who follow the Wiccan faith. It is seen as a powerful time to harness energy and prepare for what is to coming in the upcoming years.

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Can You See A Black Moon?

You Can't Technically See A Black Moon

Sorry about that misleading title.

A black moon is when there are two new moons in a single month -- the new moon phase is when no light is reflected on the moon's surface, making it appear black in the night sky.

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February Will Have No Full Moon

This type of black moon can only happen in February, as it is the only month that is short enough for this to occur!

The last black moon happened in 1999, and the next won't happen again until 2037!

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Some Christian beliefs suggest that the black moon heralds the "End of Days!" Fun!!

Wiccans and Pagans believe that rituals, spells, and other workings are more powerful during a black moon. Some, however, think rituals should not be conducted during these times.

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Some astrologers believe that the black moon reveal dark feelings -- anything you are trying to hide from others will be visible.