Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Date, Meaning, Where To Watch, And More!

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Will you be able to see the rare Super Blue Blood Moon 2018? What is a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse? What is a supermoon? What is a blue moon? What is a blood moon? When was the last Super Blue Blood Moon? Details inside!

What Is A Super Blue Blood Moon?

Step the EFF aside, Bonnie Tyler. You can take your Total Eclipse of the Heart and shove it, because we're all about to experience an ultra-rare Super Blue Blood Moon in 2018. But, what is a super blue blood moon? When is the 2018 super blue blood moon? What does a super blue blood moon mean? What is its spiritual meaning? We've got all the details.

Now, I have a theory of what a super blue blood moon is, and I'll gladly tell you. I assumed Taylor Swift released a new single about how her girl squad syncs up and all turns into werewolves together to destroy the patriarchy. Sadly, a quick Google search reveals that I am, in fact, woefully incorrect.

Such is life.

According to NASA, the super blue blood moon that is coming is special for a number of reasons, and not one of those reasons involve Taylor Swift so whatever.

What Is A Super Blue Blood Moon?

First, this will be the third in a series of "supermoons."

What Is A Supermoon?

A supermoon is when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit and appears 14% brighter than usual.

Second, it will be a blue moon.

What Is A Blue Moon?

While a wolf may cry to the blue corn moon, that's not a thing that exists. So sorry, Pocahontas.

But a "blue moon" is a real thing. When there are two full moons in a month, the second one is commonly called a "blue moon."

Thirdly, the super blue moon will pass through Earth's shadow, so a total lunar eclipse will occur -- which is called a blood moon.

What Is A Blood Moon?

A blood moon

During the total lunar eclipse, Earth's shadow will give the Moon a reddish tiny, giving it the term "blood moon."

So, all in all, at the end of this month we will get to see a true triple threat: a Super Blue Blood Moon.

When Is The Super Blue Blood Moon 2018?

When is the Super Blue Blood Moon for 2018? Well, the Super Blue Blood Moon will occur on January 31, 2018, and it will be best viewed if you find yourself in the West of the United States.

Best Place To Watch The Super Blue Blood Moon

Gordon Johnston, the program executive and lunar blogger at NASA Headquarters, said, "Weather permitting, the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii will have a spectacular view of totality from start to finish. Unfortunately, eclipse viewing will be more challenging in the Eastern time zone. So, when does the Super Blue Blood Moon start on January 31st? The eclipse begins at 5:51 AM ET, as the Moon is about to set in the western sky, and the sky is getting lighter in the east."


What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Blue Blood Moon?

Now that we quenched all your scientific questions about the super blue blood moon, you're probably wondering "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN IF I'M A GEMINI?!" Or something along those lines. Do you believe in a spiritual meaning for the Super Blue Blood Moon?

What Is The Meaning Of A Full Moon

There's a reason why myths link werewolves to the full moon. A rational human being becomes something more wild, following their gut and reacting on only survival mode.

In turn, spiritualists acquaint a full moon to when our subconscious goes into hyperdrive. We become victims of our impulse. You may not think things through before you say them, our true longings and fear become very apparent.

What Does A Full Moon Eclipse Mean Spiritually?

January 31, 2018's full moon eclipse is exceptionally powerful -- it is, essentially, three full moons at once. What this means is large life changes, centered around the power of women.

Astrologer Susan Miller says, "An eclipse can bring news of a birth of a baby, an engagement or marriage, a promotion or career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business contract, or the start of one's own business. An eclipse can bring the sale or purchase of a house, a move to a new home across the country, the acquisition (or loss) of a family pet, surgery, or an important health development. It might bring a college graduation, or the eclipse may mark the start of your course of study. Eclipses sometimes bring on a divorce, a newly published book – you get the idea. Monumental events, meetings and partings, or changes within your career may also take place at an eclipse – they are dates we usually long remember."

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

The super blue blood moon lunar eclipse is occurring while in the sign of Leo -- people's true selves are about to make themselves known. Pay attention to those around you, you will see their true character. In turn, you will reveal your true self on this day as well.

There is a lot you can learn from accepting your true self.

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