What Happened To The GIFs On Snapchat? Where's GIPHY?!


Where Did The GIFs On Snapchat Go!?

It seems like just yesterday we were telling you how to add GIFs on Snapchat, and now, here we are — living in a world where Giphy, Snapchat, and joy do not coexist.

But you alone are not the only one affected. On Friday, many wide-eyed and bushy-tailed social media fends found themselves asking the same question: "Where are the GIFs on Snapchat? Did Snapchat remove Giphy? Where are my GIF stickers?!"

Apparently, Snapchat is in the process of removing Giphy from their app altogether — at least, until a few things are cleared up.

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How To Add GIF Stickers Snapchat

Snapchat users found very offensive racist animations in Giphy's dam, which became available on Snapchat just about two weeks ago on February 20.

Not only that, it was easy to find.

"I'm shocked," said no one, as we all have used the internet before and it constantly proves to be a terrible wasteland.

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A spokesperson for Snap Inc. told Inverse:

"We are very sorry. This GIF should have never appeared in Snapchat. Our team has worked with Giphy to have the GIF removed and it should no longer appear. We are in the process of removing GIPHY from our application until we can be assured that this will never happen again."

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Carley K

A Racist GIF? On My Snapchat? It's More Common Than You Think

GIF stickers are temporarily disabled on Snapchat due to users being able to find racists animations.

The feature should have only allowed images that were rated PG in Giphy's library. Giphy, themselves, have guidelines set that state they don't allow "anything that slanders, demeans, or belittles another group or person based upon their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation."

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When Will Snapchat Have GIFs?

Don't worry, Snapchat is stating that this lack of GIF is just temporary. You will be able to use GIFs on Snapchat again, hopefully, sooner rather than later, and hopefully PG rated rather than offensive.

If anything, this is all a humble reminder that people are the f*cking worst and anything that is good and pure (like a feature that lets you add adorable GIFs of dogs to your Snaps) will be ruined by true asshats.