Valentine's Day Horoscope 2018: Are You Lucky In Love?


Valentine's Day Horoscope 2018

Valentine's Day is approaching, and hopefully if you have someone special you already ordered them a Valentine's Day gift.

Beyond that, you're probably wondering what your day of love will look like. Look no farther than the stars — your February love horoscope 2018 has seen a lot of ebbs and flows, thanks to both a lunar and solar eclipse.

But what does your Valentine's Day Horoscope 2018 have in store?

Because of such a powerful moon presence this month (or lack of! February has two new moons, but no full moon), you can expect a lot of utter REALNESS entering your life.

The moon makes humans much more open, especially during a New Moon. Something in our lizard brains tell us no one can see our true nature without the light of the moon — however, it's time to pay attention!

Your special someone is showing all of their cards — and it's up to you to be open to communication.

This Valentine's Day has a perfect storm of open communication — we see a new moon in Aquarius, as well as the Sun, Mercury, and Juno (the marriage asteroid!) aligning on the 14th.

You should expect a lot of frank, open conversations of "Where is this going?" and "What do you want from a relationship?" and "What are you most secret kinks, maybe we can explore that together?"

While having deep, meaningful conversation of "where is this going" may scare you so much you want to cancel your dinner reservation, this is actually fantastic if you are already in a relationship.

It will, essentially, breath new life into your relationship. It's going to feel like the honeymoon stage all over again. You're going to discover things about your partner that you never knew, and getting to know them more fully is going to deepen your relationship.

Lucky for all of us, we will all be more open to understanding this V-Day! Venus, which rules relationships, will find her way to compassionate Pisces on the 14th. We will all be more understanding and forgiving.

Click through the slideshow to find out just what your Valentine's day has in store for your zodiac sign!

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Are you ready to commit? According to space, you certainly will feel that way on the 14th. You may have felt your bond with your sweet babboo growing stronger around the 10th — that's when Venus mood into Pisces.

If you are in a new relationship, this will make you think "this is the one!" Everything that was missing in other relationships is so easy now — but you need to be careful.

Anything that seems too good to be true usually is.

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February has been a tough month for you, emotionally. Your expectations may be rather high going into Valentine's Day — thanks to that new moon in Aquarius and your tenth house.

You've been a bit… emotional, to say the least. You're usually so down to earth and grounded! These new moons are messing with your attitude.

Try to give your crush or partner a break, they can't read your mind… and for whatever reason, nothing is going to please you on the 14th! Try to appreciate the thought of the gift.

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It looks like you've been having a hard time letting someone go. An ex has reentered your thoughts — what triggered that? Did you dream of them recently? Did a fond memory creep up?

Your Valentine's Day may have a reunion with them — and if not an ex lover, we see you picking up a project you put down (hello? Have you finished that script you've always wanted to write?) or reconnecting with an old friend.

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February has been pretty, pretty tough for you — and yeah, we're talking MONEY WISE!

On top of that, it looks like whatever partnership you in… it has gone a bit stale.

That is totally about to change, thank the stars. Your passion is about to be rekindled as you discover new exciting things alongside your partner. You are going to realize how much fun you have with them, even when you're just watching "The Crown" together in silence.

Single? It's time to take on some new adventures solo. I know, that can be scary, but this is how you're going to meet someone very important to your future.

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With expectations of how amazing your Valentine's day is going to be, what could go wrong?!

A lot. You're about to be disappointed.

You'll need to focus on you, this Valentine's day. You need to ask yourself exactly what you expect, need, and want from a partner. Is your current one stepping up to the plate? Are you single and afraid to settle but also afraid that you're going to die alone?

This self reflection is going to make or break your love life for the upcoming year. Treat yourself carefully.

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My oh my. What a Valentine's day you have in store this year, Virgo! Venus, the planet of LOVE, BABY, is moving on through your relationship sector.

This means you may be ready to take some serious steps with someone you just started to date. Maybe move into the "it's official" phase.

If you are in a relationship, this is a fantastic sign that you two will overcome an obstacle together. Have you guys been short with each other lately?

All in all, your relationship is about to enter smooth sailing, so long as you actually talk everything out.

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LIBRA. You ol' minx.

Out of every zodiac sign, your Valentine's Day 2018 is set to be the grandest.

Go all out this Valentine's Day for your significant other. Flowers, candles, scatter some rose petals — do it up cheesy romcom style.

Romance is in your blood, and you're bound to have an amazing time connecting with someone who you truly enjoy.

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You're going to want to stay in this Valentine's day. Not because of any cryptic reason like "a piano is going to fall out of a high rise window like in a cartoon," but because you are craving stability.

For whatever reason, your normally adventurous self is looking forward to settling down a bit. You want to make a home cooked meal, curl up on the couch, and just take the time to enjoy each other.

You want to connect emotionally. You crave getting to know someone on the deepest level possible. Plus, you don't want to deal with the annoying crowds this holiday.

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Your finding yourself to be very charming lately, aren't you? You feel like a magnet, and anyone you choose to attract (even some you aren't trying to attract!) are flocking to you like moths to a flame.

However, you're having a lot of trouble settling down. You find yourself terrified of commitment! Your partner is going to be driven MAD with this wiles of your's!

It's time to be honest, both with your partner and yourself, to find out what you truly want. Communication, communication, communication.

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Oh, your communication is on point this month! Venus is in your communication sector, making you a smooth talking heartthrob.

More so than that, you find that you finally know the words that you've been needing to say. Your ability to be open, honesty, and empathetic is strengthening your relationship.

It also seems like you're set to write the next great love poem on your Valentine's day card this year.

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This Valentine's Day could be the start of something new!

You're about to face some major changes, but instead of becoming afraid of change, you're willingly to accept them with open arms.

You're ready for a new adventure! If you are single, then a new partner is making an appearance into your life soon — and they will be very exciting.

If you are in a relationship, then you aren't doomed to break up just because you think you're getting something new. Rather, you two are going to find new things together. New adventures, new hobbies, new positions, wink, wink.

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It looks like you're finally coming with terms that you need to let go with something that has played a huge part in your life.

Are you trying to find a new job? End a relationship that has become stifling? This Valentine's Day is less about romance for you, and more about figuring out what you want and need.

There is a lot of new beginnings in store — try to face them instead of hiding from them.