The Good Doctor Series Finale Spoilers! Does [SPOILER] Die?!


The Good Doctor Season Finale Spoilers

Fans of The Good Doctor are waiting on bated breath after teasers were released predicting the fate of one of the hospitals most beloved characters, Dr. Glassman. Will Dr. Glassman die? And how will Shaun handle hearing the news of his mentor's diagnosis? When does The Good Doctor season finale air?

Thursday night at PaleyFest in Los Angeles the cast, including Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Tamlyn Tomita, Hill Harper, and Richard Schiff, showrunner, David Shore, and executive producer, Daniel Dae Kim, of The Good Doctor showed dedicated fans the season finale of the show.

So, without further ado, click on the slideshow to learn all the Good Doctor finale spoilers for the upcoming episode, and some amazing facts the team revealed during their Q&A session.

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Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center

The Good Doctor Spoilers

The Good Doctor fans are at the edge of their seat wondering the fate of Dr. Glassman. On the March 19 episode, entitled "Smile," Glassman experienced a medical emergency, and it turns out his diagnosis is incredibly serious.

In the preview for the season one finale, it is revealed that Dr. Glassman had an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Naturally, Shaun is incapable of accepting this and he sets out to cure his mentor.

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What Happens On The Good Doctor Season Finale?

The season finale of The Good Doctor centers on Shaun attempting to save Dr. Glassman, but as he becomes obsessed with his mentor's health, he makes a grave mistake in the operating room. Will this be the end of Dr. Glassman?

Meanwhile, a college student has multiple unexplained injuries (spoiler: one of the "unexplained" aspects is this kid ate Tide Pods, naturally) and his condition continues to worsen through the episode. Shaun's mistake may not only cost the student's life but Shaun and Glassman's job as well.

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When Does The Good Doctor Season Finale Air?

The Good Doctor finale airs March 26 at 10 p.m. on ABC. Will you be watching?