Snapchat Updates Adds Giphy, And Friends And Discovery Pages


Snapchat's 2018 Update: Did Snapchat Revert Update?

What is Snapchat's update all about? When will the Snapchat Update be available? After a major update that upset millions of users, Snapchat has responded. But, does this mean Snapchat reverted the update? So, what did Snapchat add on February 20th? Snapchat adds Friends and Discover "tabs" and GIPHY. So, how do you add GIFs to Snapchat and what exactly changed with Friends and Discover tabs?

Snapchat got a lot of HEAT from users with their recent app redesign. Some former fans of the social media app are reported to have said "WTF?", "This blows," and "How do I change this? How do I get the old Snapchat back?" Well, turns out, the old Snapchat will never be back. So, here's how Snapchat will make you love it again, in the latest February 20th Snapchat update.

Snapchat adds all of these features so you, the user, can learn to love this social media again. Please love Snapchat again. Snapchat now adds GIFs for you, when will you ever be happy?

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The update they rolled out which everyone hated let users separate their friends from brands, hopefully encouraging users to pay attention to their friends, but it also put stories and text chats into one page.


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As of today, Snap Inc. said that their additional update will make Friends and Discovery pages, hopefully making it easier for people to distinguish between which page are stories and which page are chats — either way, my friends will be getting nudes.

On the Friends section, users will see separate tabs for active stories, group chats, and "all" content. Discovery will feature tabs that separate publishers, creators, and the community.

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When will the Snapchat Update be available? (iOS and Android)

It will launch soon on the iOS and then on Android in the weeks to come.

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How To Add GIFs To Snapchat

Snapchat wants to do so much more than add a few tabs to drum up some interest. They're also adding GIFs, and who doesn't love GIFs?! Snapchat partnered with GIPHY to allow you to place a GIF sticker directly on your snap.

Before this beautiful partnership, Snapchat had in-house designed stickers that launched in late 2017.

To add a GIF to your Snap, tap the sticker icon, type in the search field, and a GIPHY section will populate, showing you the GIF stickers related to your search.

You can also scale, rate, and pin these GIFs to videos. And you can add more than one. Add as much as you want. Make it so I don't see any nudes behind the onslaught of GIFs.

Just one month ago, Instagram announced they would be adding GIFs to their stories, so… SNAP!