Horoscope: What The February 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Means


What Is A Partial Solar Eclipse?

Our mood and love life was surely affected by both the Super Blue Blood Moon in January and the Black Moon in February, but the upcoming partial solar eclipse is about to flip you around even more.

But what is a partial solar eclipse? When is the partial solar eclipse in 2018? What does a partial solar eclipse mean? And, what is the spiritual meaning of a partial solar eclipse?

To being, scientifically, a partial solar eclipse is when the new moon's shadow just partially covers the sun. The Earth, sun, and moon are not perfectly aligned. You can learn more about February 15th's partial solar eclipse here, including when it is, where you can see it, and how you can see it!

But beyond what a partial solar eclipse actually is, what is the spiritual meaning of a partial solar eclipse, and what does the partial solar eclipse mean for your horoscope?

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When Is The 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse?

As we mentioned before, the partial solar eclipse for 2018 9s on February 15th. Yup! that means that if you missed out on Valentine's Day plans, you can look forward to the partial solar eclipse! Now, what's the meaning behind a partial solar eclipse?

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Partial Solar Eclipse

While it isn't as dramatic as a total solar eclipse, any change in the lunar phases or amount of sunlight we receive has an effect on us as humans.

Blame it on our circadian rhythms, if you have to, or leave it up to the stars.

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A solar eclipse can only occur if there is a new moon.

The Lunar phase lasts about 29.5 days, and about every month there is one new moon. This new moon helps us move on, move forward, forgive, and forget. It gives us a new beginning. No matter what we have done in the past, we can continue to grow.

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What Does A Partial Solar Eclipse Mean?

A partial solar eclipse means new beginnings.

With new beginnings come a lot of questions and confusion. Think about it: whenever you enter a new journey in your life you're a bit like a newborn lamb. Your legs are a bit shaky until you get your land legs and figure it all out.

This partial solar eclipse will feel the same way.

You aren't going to feel exactly like yourself. On top of that, you may be presented with news that throws you off balance.

It's important to remember that this is, usually, a positive change. Even if what is presented with you originally appears to be negative, these journeys are what make you stronger mentally and emotionally.

While this is set to happen on one day, February 15, it may take you a few weeks to smooth these feeling over and become your "new normal."

It is a good time to think about your future and your goals. This is your chance! Maybe a door was shut on one dream, but a window has been open leading towards a new path — you just have to have the guts to take the leap.