Oscars 2018 Drinking Game: Drink Your Way To Seeing Stars


Oscars Drinking Game For 2018 Academy Awards

It's like my family's crest says — "If it's worth doin', it's worth doin' drunk." The 2018 Oscars are only a few days away (Sunday, March 4) and you know that the only way you're going to get through the three-hour telecast is drunk. Lucky for you, we have Oscars 2018 Drinking Game all set. So while you're checking off your Oscars ballot at your Oscar party, you can still be pouring shots without a second thought.

Sure as shootin', there's going to be plenty of jabs at Harvey Weinstein, a man who was the main person thanked just last year, one-liners about Donald Trump, and many, many tearful moments.

This is when you drink, so you can forget the pain.

Click through the slideshow to learn the rules of Oscars drinking game for 2018.

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The Oscars Drinking Game Run Down | 2018 Edition

Before we begin, let's get our terminology right.

When I say "drink," you drink. Depending on what you're drinking this means different things. For straight alcohol, a sip will suffice. For beer, drink a gulp. Really, just do what you want, you know your tolerance, right? I'm not your mom.

When I say "take a shot," take a shot. Or don't, again, not your mom and also not your high school crush peer pressuring you to be cool.

When I say "finish your drink," finish whatever you're drinking and maybe go pour yourself a new one.

As always, keep your wits about you — here are the rules.

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Oscars Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink…

Whenever an actress brings up food or mentions that they're hungry. (They've been getting ready all day — there is no time to eat.)

Whenever someone insults Donald Trump.

Whenever someone mentions the #MeToo movement.

Whenever someone spends more of their time approaching the stage than they do speaking on stage.

Whenever someone comments on the weight of the Oscar.

Whenever the music cuts off a speech.

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Take a shot when…

Whenever someone trips or falls.

Whenever someone becomes speechless over Oprah or Meryl Streep.

There is a standing ovation.

Every time someone at your party says "I didn't know (name) died…" during the "In Memoriam."

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Finish your drink when…

Whenever someone's speech is bleeped out.

Your pick for "best picture" loses.

The winner for "Best Foreign Film" makes a joke that kind of makes no sense in English but they're so charming you fall in love with them.