Oscar Party Ideas You Can Amazon Prime At The Last Minute

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Last Minute Oscar Party Ideas For 2018

When are the Oscars? They're this Sunday, you adorable procrastinating cherub. Are you hosting an Oscars party — but you still don't even have the fancy little cocktail wienies that everyone expects at a classy event, let alone party favors and decorations!? No frets, here is a comprehensive list of Oscar Party ideas from Amazon Prime that will make your Oscar Instagram posts seem fully fleshed out — and not, as my friends always assume, a plan I conceived while blackout drunk, lost in a movie theater. Whether you're looking for Oscar decorations or simply an idea as to what you should buy, we've got you covered for the 2018 Academy Awards, even if it's last minute.

Click through the slideshow to cop all the coolest Oscar Party swag.

While you're waiting for delivery, make sure you print out enough voting ballots and figure out the rules for the ultimate Oscars Party drinking game.

So without further adieu, here are some last minute Oscar party ideas for 2018!

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1. Show Your Friends They're The Real Winners For Being INVITED


Get some free two-day shipping on these bad boys. It's the gift that keeps on giving -- every time one of your friends goes to move they'll look at this plastic Oscar replica and say, "Where did I even get this?"

A set of six for just $7.97?! So much easier than trying to appear in an Oscar nominated movie!

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2. A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words And They're All "Damn, Shawty... Looking Good"

I don't want to say I'm an expert in the subject but... My prom theme in 2007 was "A Night With The Stars," so, yeah... I kind of know what I'm talking about.

Order these photobooth props so your friends can prove that they had a great time on social media.

$12.77 is a small price to pay for a glam photo sesh.

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3. A Rose Gold Backdrop For Your Photobooth

Make your make shift photobooth look a little more professional by adding a rose gold fringe backdrop!

Why rose gold instead of regular gold? Because everyone is going to have gold. God, be original for once and order this for $10.99.

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4. Champagne Glasses That Can't Break

Face it, all your friends are butterfingers and you don't trust them around a delicate champagne flute. I hear you, I don't trust them either. It's like they grease up their hands before they go anywhere.

Get this set of 12 plastic champagne cups for $10.99.

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5. All About That Decor

I GET IT. Spending money on decorations that you'll use once and then throw away seems like a waste of money.

But think of it this way. Your guests are going to walk in, see these cheesy decorations, and think that you really, truly care about them having a good time.

Also, who says you can't reuse these? I suggest reusing "Opening Night" every time you invite someone new to come up for coffee. And for $10.64?!

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6. Put Your Food On Display

This is technically a cupcake holder. Personally? I despise cupcakes and would sooner throw one clear across the holler of two Appalachian mountains than eat one.

But you do you. $14.92

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7. Roll Out The Red Carpet!

Roll out the red carpet for your VIP guests!

Just kidding, I washed the floor. Stay on the runner please, stay on the runner. Do not track your filthy shoes through my house.


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8. Snacks On Snacks

Let me just get my bearings really quick. I hate to the be the bearer of bad news, but we're almost to the end of the list. Hopefully your shopping cart isn't bear. I had a beary great time telling you what to buy, and I hope you don't make an embearassment of yourself at your party.

Anyway, buy these fancy gummy bears. $9.99

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9. Act Confused When Your Friends Mention The Awards Because You Threw An Oscar (The Grouch) Themed Party

Honestly, this is the funniest idea I've ever had but I don't have friends so I'll never be able to do it.

Invite everyone you know, love, and care about to your Oscar themed party on Sunday. When they show up, just have Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street everywhere.

When they act obviously disappointed -- ignore it -- and put on PBS. $19.93

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10. Just Buy This Half Case Of Champagne, Already

This is all anyone is going to show up for, if we're all being honest. $51.00