When Is The Next Super Blue Blood Moon After 2018?

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The next super blue blood moon is sooner than you think. What is a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse? What is a supermoon? What is a blue moon? What is a blood moon? When was the last Super Blue Blood Moon? Details inside!

When Is The Next Super Blue Blood Moon After 2018?

The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse has come and gone -- and if you missed it and are living vicariously through Instagram and people's shotty pictures of the moon that look like a tortilla on a glass, don't fret. So, when is the next super blue blood moon after 2018?

The next super blue blood moon is actually pretty soon, especially considering the last super blue blood moon was 150 years ago on May 31, 1844.

The next time a blue moon, super moon, and total lunar eclipse will happen at the same time will occur on January 31, 2037, according to NASA.

That's right, all we have to do is survive 19 more years to miss this beautiful sight again. But what is the effect of a super blue blood moon on humans?

Time-Lapse Of Super Blue Blood Moon

If you couldn't bring yourself to wake up at 3 AM or 5 AM today to witness this once in a lifetime -- correction, twice in a lifetime, as long as our planet is still around in 2037 -- occurrence, than please check out some of these insane time-lapse videos of the super blue blood moon.

It's enough to make you wish a werewolf would bite you, just so you could truly celebrate with a mighty howl. (Just me? OK, whatever. Cool.)

Super Blue Blood Moon Effects On Humans

There are a lot of myths and old wive's tales that center around a full moon, and there may be a scientific reason for that.

No, you don't turn into a werewolf, and gone are the days of thinking a pregnant woman shouldn't go outside during a lunar eclipse or handle a silver knife (or else her child will be born with a cleft lip.)

But people do, for some reason, act differently when there is a lunar event.

Perhaps, the full moon is effecting sleep cycles, causing people to be less thoughtful in their actions or able to control their emotions.

One study found that melatonin levels dropped during the days around a full moon, and people felt less refreshed the next day.

Of course, there's always how it effects your horoscope as well.

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What Is A Super Blue Blood Moon?

It's actually a combination of many things. Let's break it down.

What Is A Supermoon?

A supermoon is when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit and appears 14% brighter than usual.

Second, it will be a blue moon.

What Is A Blue Moon?

While a wolf may cry to the blue corn moon, that's not a thing that exists. So sorry, Pocahontas.

But a "blue moon" is a real thing. When there are two full moons in a month, the second one is commonly called a "blue moon."

Thirdly, the super blue moon will pass through Earth's shadow, so a total lunar eclipse will occur -- which is called a blood moon.

What Is A Blood Moon?

A blood moon

During the total lunar eclipse, Earth's shadow will give the Moon a reddish tiny, giving it the term "blood moon."

So, all in all, at the end of this month we will get to see a true triple threat: a Super Blue Blood Moon.

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