What Your Sign Needs To Hear For Mercury Retrograde In March 2018


Mercury Retrograde March 2018 Horoscope

March 2018 horoscopes will start to come to fruition, however, there are two planetary components that bound to shake things up before your spring has sprung. March will bring warmer weather, but it will also bring Mercury Retrograde March 2018, and Jupiter Retrograde March 2018. But what does retrograde mean? Why do you hear more of Mercury Retrograde more than other planets? Your horoscope may be affected by them both…

For many of you, March may just be the month that you find yourself to be extra charming — but pay attention, because you may just glance over your true love while you have so many people fawning over you. Yes, I am looking at you, fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.)

For others, communication is bound to get messed up. Your phone is going to break, you'll forget your email password, you and your partner simply just aren't connecting.

We can chalk all of this up to a few planets.

So, without further adieu, here is your Mercury retrograde March 2018 horoscope.

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Jupiter Retrograde Meaning March 2018

Jupiter Retrograde March 2018 begins on March 8, and it is a time of serious relegation and introspection.

You may find that you are questioning your own morals and ways of life. By the end of Jupiter's retrograde, you will understand who you are far better than you could imagine.

You will also need to pay close attention to your health, both physical and mental.

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Mercury Retrograde Meaning March 2018

Everyone has heard of Mercury Retrograde. On March 22, Mercury will enter retrograde and throw you off your game.

Why is Mercury in retrograde more common than other planets? Simply because it is closest to the Earth, so it enters retrograde more.

What does retrograde mean?

The planet appears to move in the opposite direction in the sky. It doesn't actually happen — it just appears this way because of the planet and Earth's position.

Mercury in retrograde makes us ignore our to-do lists, lose items, totally FAIL at communication with friends, partners, and family, and all the terrible very-human things that happen.

You're bound to bicker, fight, and get hurt.

But it affects all the signs different.

Find out how it affects your zodiac sign by clicking through the rest of the slideshow.

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You're going to be a bit childish, Aries.

While usually mature, Mercury is going to kick your passion into overdrive. You won't want to listen to others. You are the only one who is right! Or, at least, that's what you'll believe.

You are a to-the-point type of person, but you will find that others just aren't listening to you. You're bound to get frustrated, and you may throw some tantrums.

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Communication? Financial situations? Usually know problem for the down-to-earth and ever-steady Taurus.

But Mercury in retrograde is going to make it difficult for you to make any decision when it comes to finances or romantic partners.

Try not to start anything new, but focus on learning from and growing from the past.

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You are a natural when it comes to communicating. You find a way to connect with others on deep levels. Mercury is going to make you reveal too much, too soon.

While usually open, you'll find yourself putting your foot in your mouth, or worse, laying awake at night thinking how many cards you just showed to your first date.

Mind what you say, because people are going to take it the wrong way.

Also, try to see from other people's points of view — you are bound to jump to the wrong conclusion while Mercury is in retrograde.

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You usually rely on your intuition, and it rarely steers you wrong. That said, when Mercury is in retrograde you may be tricked by your own gut.

Be especially careful at work. Check over your work and always think twice before you speak. It would be best not to start a new project until Mercury has left retrograde.

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Mercury in retrograde totally takes a hit on your bank account. Do not invest in anything big, and especially don't make any life-changing financial decisions.

Also mind how you speak to your loved one. You will be harsh, maybe cruel.

Arguments will abound. Try to be clear, and try to be gentle.

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Virgo, my love, you will find that patience is not your strong suit with Mercury in retrograde.

Everything sets you off, and you're ready to argue. Try to avoid being spontaneous, and try to be as clear as possible while talking to others.

Especially stay calm at work. You may feel like throwing your hands in the air and walking out — we suggest you do not do this. Don't add stress to your life at this moment.

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You will find yourself misplacing your keys, forgetting appointments, running late to meetings.

Mercury in retrograde, for you, means being forgetful.

You will find yourself missing every plane and train that comes your way. Traveling is difficult.

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Your passion, your emotions, will take over while Mercury is in retrograde.

You will be filled with an urge to take chances. When Mercury exits retrograde you will realize you threw something great away, for a temporary pleasure.

You would do well to avoid affairs of the heart. You, a usually secretive sign, will find that all of your secrets are seeping out.

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People are going to be reading you totally wrong while Mercury is in retrograde. Your body language will be misconstrued and your words will be taken out of context.

You will need a lot of patience to get through this miscommunication.

Avoid travel, or at least expect to be delayed.

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You mixed your colors and whites in your laundry and now all of your clothes are pink. You overdrawn your bank account. You shattered your phone.

Being an "adult" while Mercury is in retrograde is basically impossible for you.

It's best to spend time with your family.

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You won't be able to say exactly what you mean to your friends while Mercury is in retrograde. Be gentle while talking to them, think of their feelings, and avoid making big plans with large groups.

You will be seeing a lot of your old friends, and since it's a good time for you to reflect, it may be best spent with your oldest friends.

Avoid petty fights.

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You are normally very level headed, but you'll find that Mercury in retrograde makes you a daydreamer. Mercury rules logic, and it seems that you will lose all of your own logic.

While you may find it hard to function as you normally do, now would be a great time to leap into creative pursuits — write, dance, make art.