March 2018 Horoscope... OMG So Accurate!


March 2018 Horoscope | Your Monthly Horoscopes

Believe it or not, little moonbeams, but we're officially past the cold embrace of February's horoscope and moving our way straight into the beginnings of Spring. That's right. We've got your March 2018 horoscope!

You either fell in love this month and celebrated new changes, or you have plenty to learn in March.

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March will experience a blue moon, just like January of this year, and you can expect a few new exciting things to come along with it.

On top of that, there are two planets stationing retrograde in March 2018.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 beings on March 8, and it is a time of serious reflection -- and it may shake up your health and your morals. Mercury retrograde 2018 begins on March 22, and will mean that your communication with loved ones will be difficult and your technology may turn on you. You will also feel anxious, especially when it comes to travel.

A happy birthday to Pisces and Aries.

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Hm, keep your eye on any air signs you may know (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), especially if they have the air of a woman who impresses others. They have a great ability to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, and you may be the only one who is onto their shady tricks.

You may have noticed in your career that as soon as you start climbing the ladder, something has come along to knock you down a few pegs. While frustrating, this will end come Spring.

Aries, you will have to be patient around the full moon (both three days before, and three days after). You will push through obstacles, but only if you keep a level head and don't lose that temper of yours.

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If there is one thing you love, it is a comfortable home. Clean, uncluttered, filled with friends and family, and good food. However, you will need to leave your homestead and focus on your work this month. There will be amazing potential, especially considering what a difficult February you had in this regard.

You have the ability to build something grand in March — and it will all be thanks to your practical and dependable nature.

Communication is key — especially with your family members. You'll have to be honest, but you also have to keep in mind that people will do as they want. They will chase their unrealistic dreams sometimes, and you will be there to help them pick up the pieces.

Still, they will listen to you if you provide your common sense and grounding force.

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February was a difficult month for you when it came to finances. There was an unexpected large expense — or maybe you just didn't save enough.

Thankfully, this month will put you in a position to fix that.

You've never been a typical "workaholic." You appear easy-going, but that easy-gong nature is about to jump start your career, especially thanks to your amazing communication skills.

You will notice that the stress you've felt in previous months are starting to melt away like the snow.

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You have set goals, and you are so close to completing them! It seems that you have grown so much in the past two years alone, and you are constantly working hard to become better and better.

March 6-9 will be fairly frustrating, but you must work through it. By mid-summer, you will see the sunshine has scared the clouds away.

March 10 will be a new moon, and you will find that it is the perfect time to be creative. You will see that the seeds you've planted these past years are finally growing, and you may realize you do have a plan for the long run.

Focus on those goals, remind yourself on what you want and what you've already worked so hard for.

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These past months have been hard on your relationship — but those are about to heal. You too often let your heart and your temper get ahead of you — March is allowing you to slow down and find the real truth.

Not the truth your anxiety has created in your head.

You will have to really listen to someone if you want your relationships to heal fully this month. You will have to work hard.

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You work hard, but you forget to play hard. That will change this month, and not because you let it — it is just HAPPENING, as if you're just a passenger on a speeding train.

A lot will claim your attention this month, and it will feel like you have too much on your plate. You will over-commit, and you will have to attend plenty of social gatherings.

It may just be what you need to get out of your rut and out of your shell.

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Your juggling act this month is getting out of hand. No matter how hard you try, you're bound to drop something. You focus on other people's happiness so much so that you don't allow yourself to grow. March plans to change that.

Your work is engaging, and you feel ready to go to the next level in your career, but you need to know where you stand.

Schedule a meeting with a superior to discuss your plans, they will respect you for it and you will see what needs to be focused on.

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It is time to nest a little. Your home is going to be very important for your comfort this month.

While you are often level-headed, it appears your zest for life and passion may catch you in a whirlwind of daydreaming, playing, and exploring. You find yourself craving adventure and intimacy.

Communication is very important this month — Mercury will enter retrograde and you will be very effected by it — as always you will focus on truth, and this will serve you well.

You will feel a greater emotional attachment, and your mental health will thank you for it.

Follow your intuition this month.

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The problems that were uprooted in November through January are finally coming to a close for you, Sagittarius.

You have kicked some bad habits that have only brought you back to square one. You are transforming.

You will need alone time this month to find out who you are, who you want to be, and who you are becoming.

March has new promises. You must take the time to see them.

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Your life is go, go, go, go, go, this March, I'm afraid. There's no time to stop and smell the roses for you, Capricorn.

The first ten days of March will feel awful, but you have to try to avoid feeling negative. Remind yourself that this work, both in your career and your relationships, will be worth it.

You will find yourself feeling very creative this month. Explore it.

Lighten your load. You are allowed to share responsibilities with others — in fact, it may deepen your relationship.

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Trust yourself. Your choices are good ones. You need to follow your gut and focus on yourself.

It will be hard not to help others this month, but in order to help others you need to focus on yourself.

Love yourself this March, and you will see your compassion for the outside world will grow.

You will become financially stronger this month, but make sure you run ideas by someone you trust — someone grounded.

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Uranus is in your Sun Sign for the next seven years! Enjoy these wonderful years of creativity!

March is going to be your month. You will recognize your dream and you will see it unfold in front of you.

Positive surprises are around every corner, and the universe is on your side.

But you will have to BELIEVE this in order to receive it. No more playing the victim.

You will be exactly who you are, and you will be happy. This is my promise to you Pisces, and March is the month you begin to see it.