Love Horoscope: What Will February 2018 New Moon Bring?


Love Horoscope February 2018

We are approaching a new moon in Aquarius and a partial solar eclipse on February 15 that will certainly spice up your love life in one way or another.

But what does the February 2018 new moon mean for your zodiac sign? February 2018's new moons will absolutely throw you for a loop career wise — but it may bring you a new beau or solidify a relationship you already have.

On February 3, Venus moved into Aries (sexy, sexy Aries) and has remained thanks to Venus's retrograde next month — so you may have been noticing that cold, dreary February has sent your love signals into overdrive.

You've been forming new crushes, or you're becoming more and more attracted to your partner. It may feel like you're back in middle school — your hormones feel like they're running wild! Just looking at your crush or partner is enough to make you say, "Is it okay if I jump their bones, here, now, in the middle of the floor of the grocery store?"

Venus in Aries makes us all more courageous and we're looking to pursue someone in particular. You're turning into a crook who's successful at stealing hearts.

Lucky for the cosmic lovers amongst us, Mars is also in Aries — your partnership is blossoming! Your partner is opening up to you more, and you are realizing all of the incredible things they do for you. You feel like it's the honeymoon stage again.

Are you still looking for the grand conclusion of a heavy flirtation?

February Lunar Eclipse

On February 10, we'll witness a lunar eclipse, which will see a fulfillment in romance — yes, you will get the guy/girl that you've been chasing! So long as you fully commit yourself, as well.

However it's the solar eclipse in Pisces that makes this February such a romantic success.

February Solar Eclipse

On February 26 the solar eclipse will see to it, that if you take the time to tend to your garden of love, seeds of unconditional love will sprout.

Click through the slideshow to see exactly what February's love horoscope looks like for your sign — and your sweet bamboo's sign as well!

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You have been stuck in a rut lately, but that is about to CHANGE BIG TIME.

February has seen it, so far, that your libido and energy is going into overdrive.

On top of that boost to your sex drive, Venus entering Aries is aiding you in confidence. You are attracting so many people, haven't you noticed? You're luring them right in, you minx.

However, don't get to caught up in all of those people — you may get distracted. Amazingly, on the 10th, the lunar eclipse is entering your true love house.

You have a very busy month of love ahead, be sure you navigate it wisely.

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From an outsider's perspective you are as calm and collected as ever. Level-headed! That's how they describe you. DEPENDABLE!

Inside, you're experiencing a rollercoaster — and it's all about hanky panky.

Your in the mood for surprises, changes, and your lover won't disappoint.

However, if you are single, it seems that you are still holding onto feelings from past betrayals? Thanks to the lunar eclipse, you will finally start to let this anger and pain go — April will show you a wonderful life-changing moment.

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You are such a social butterfly this month. You're seeking new adventures, and your partner is more than willing to keep up with this restless spirit of yours.

Trying something new, from a new place to eat to a new activity, is something you're both craving right now, so why not take the plunge and just go for it?

Watch out around the 10th — you're in store for a conversation that will heal your heart.

Oddly enough, the stars are showing me a child in the works? This could be you, a conversation you plan on having, or someone you love — but there is a child somewhere for you.

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This is a HUGE month for you career wise. You feel a fire under your ass that you haven't felt in a LONG time. It's going to be very tricky for you this month in that regard.

Luckily, if you have a partner they are right by your side, cheering you on.

But watch out around the 22nd. Whereas they have been super supportive of you they make pull a 180 and turn on you.

It's best if you avoid confrontation. They will resent it and feel like you aren't being mindful of their feelings. Try to understand where they're coming from.

Take a breath, it will be over by the end of the month.

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Oooh, girl. You are having a MONTH of love and romance, aren't you?

Your sweet babboo is thrilling your mind with intellectual conversation and stimulating activities — it's enough to make you throw your clothes away.

Keep up with this, it will make both you and your partner enamored with each other. Check out an online class or visit a museum for Valentine's Day.

Wait until you hit the 10th. The lunar eclipse is giving you even more romance — making you very, very happy.


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Yikes — money is a weird subject for you this month, isn't it? For whatever reason, a bill or a surprise expense has caught you totally off guard. Luckily, your partner is there to help you through it, and you both are willing to work hard together to get over this hurdle.

There will be a chance to earn MORE money, or to invest in something, this month… However, I suggest that if it happens after the 22 to give it a big NO.

If it sounds too good to be true — spoiler alert — it usually is.

Thanks to your partner's excellent handling of the money crisis, or the solar eclipse on the 26, you're totally ready to commit.

You are in it to win it.

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Your main focus, along with everyone else's it seems, is your love life this month. (…Has your mom asked about grandchildren recently? Or when you're bringing your new guy or gal over for dinner?)

If you are seeing someone, you will feel as though you're in the honeymoon stage, no matter how long you've been together. You feel connected, and a bit bubbly, around each other.

You're both excited to try new things together — both in the world (an art class?) and in the bedroom (I don't think you need an example for this one.)

However, on the 22, your bliss may be BRIEFLY interrupted — don't worry, it won't last long.

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Hey, hot stuff. It seems like you can't lose this month — nobody would reject you. Are you looking to try something new with your partner? Just go for it and ask.

Also, if you are single, don't be afraid to ask your crush out. Something bold will catch their attention and your sheer confidence will woo them.

Around the 26, the solar eclipse is going to make you realize you want to take things more seriously with a person. You want true love — you will look at your lover and know if it is them, or you could find it.

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Man, is your love life seriously heating up.

Have things felt… blah… with your lover lately? That's totally about to change. I'm talking complete difference. You're going to have fun with them like you're making out in the back seat of their car in high school.

Your heart is going to be pounding a number of times this month. Better yet, you're going to have fun. Like, a ton of fun. You're going to laugh until it hurts with your lover.

If your single, your chances of finding someone special are very high. In fact, earlier this month you may have run into someone who is hilarious, a huge personality. They'll play a big part in your life.

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The lunar and solar eclipses this month are throwing you and your partner into a loop — however, this is just going to make your relationship stronger.

It will raise a lot of questions, a lot of honesty, and ultimately, you'll both feel secure and ready to fully commit.

You are realizing that you want each other in your lives for the long haul — you really compliment each other. Or, you are about to make a big step together.

Moving in? A baby? New jobs?!

Look out around the 26, there is going to be a big conversation.

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You are in for a month of bliss. Things feel calm, and happy for you and your partner. You feel listened to and cared for.

Your bonds of love are seriously deepening. On the 10, your partnership house is FULL.

If you're romantically involved with someone, you may realize that this is your person this month. There will be big journeys — the stars suggest moving in, or even an engagement!

You feel totally attached to your partner emotionally this month. And what a great month it is.

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Normally, money issues make you very, very nervous. However, this month is different — and it's all thanks to your partner.

They keep you collected and calm during these stressful moments, and it's helping build your trust in each other.

They love your natural talents and are encouraging of them this month, run with it!

Your partner is offering you full support, and you're going to feel very thankful to have them in your life.

On the 26, the solar eclipse promises a new start, and you won't be able to think of how it would be possible without your partner there.