First Look At Sabrina The Teenage Witch's New Salem


Sabrina The Teenage Witch First Look

Being a teenager is hard, but add finding out you have magical powers to your mixed up hormones and GOOD LUCK, BUDDY.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is coming to Netflix and we have some questions. Who will play Sabrina the Teenage Witch? When does Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiere?

And… what's will Salem from Sabrina look like? Is he going to look like that hilarious animatronic stuffed cat like in the original show or will Netflix shell out some dollar dollar bills ya'll for a proper CGI animal?

Or, we gonna Dr. Doolittle this and get a real cat to star?

Lucky for us, our questions have been answered thanks to Twitter.

Riverdale, of which Sabrina is a spinoff, show runner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa tweeted out a photo of our first look at the sarcastic cat.

While Salem's storyline for the Netflix reboot has yet to be revealed, we do know from the OG show, which is a lot funnier than this gritty reboot looks to be, that Salem was a witch who was sentenced by the Witch's Council to spend 100 years as a cat with no magical powers.

Personally? I would love to spend 100 years as a cat, so long as I get to live a cushy life like my ungrateful pets do.

The show is based on Archie Comics graphic novel The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Netflix plans to create 20-episodes and two-seasons of the straight-to-order series.

Ready to see the first look at Salem and learn more about the series? Click through the slideshow! Or don't, I'm not your boss.

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Here he is in all his feline glory!

So far it looks like they did cast a real cat but maybe puppetry has just gotten a lot better in the years since Sabrina first aired?

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Who Will Play Sabrina?

Taking on the role of Sabrina is Mad Men and and Feud: Bette and Joan's Kiernan Shipka. Playing her best friend is Jaz Sinclair of Vampire Diaries.

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When Will The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Premiere?

It is believed the show will start filming next month until December. That means we may not see a finished product until 2019.

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Where To Watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch

While you can't see The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina yet, because it hasn't been made, you can watch the original series on Amazon Prime!