Jupiter Retrograde 2018: What It Means For Your Horoscope


Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Horoscope

Jupiter retrograde meaning is a lot more positive than the usual "Mercury retrograde" we typically hear — if only because it happens more frequently.

March 2018 horoscopes are coming to fruition. March will bring warmer weather, but it will also bring Mercury Retrograde March 2018.

On top of that, Jupiter is now entering retrograde as well. But what does Jupiter retrograde 2018 mean?

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Jupiter Retrograde Meaning

Unlike Mercury retrograde, which is bound to throw you off your game (did your phone break this month? Did you misplace an important tax return document? Blame it on Mercury), Jupiter is a lot kinder to us.

Jupiter is entering it's four-month retrograde period today — and it's a lucky one.

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What Are Jupiter's Powers?

Jupiter is closely associated with luck, wisdom, and progress.

More important, it shows us how to reach our goals — and urges us on the path towards our own success.

You will still see these positive factors in your life when Jupiter is in retrograde — but it may take longer to reach you. Especially if you don't know, exactly, how you're going to achieve your goals.

While Mercury in retrograde takes every chance to mess with you, even punishing you for simple mistakes, Jupiter is much more forgiving. In fact, Jupiter encourages you to try your luck during this time!

Nothing will help you learn faster than the risk of failure. Failure is, according to Jupiter in retrograde, the best teacher.

So, if you have found yourself in a boring routine or simply not learning anything new and exciting, use this time — from RIGHT NOW — until July 10.

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Jupiter In Retrograde 2018

Look at your life from a new angle. You can't do the same things every day and expect a different reaction, can you? Isn't that the definition of insanity?

It's time to take some chances and make some leaps you wouldn't consider before. Jupiter always rewards bravery.

Go on a blind date, make a big leap in your career, try that one thing you've been dying to try.