Is Lauren B From The Bachelor Pregnant? Here Are The Facts

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Is Lauren B. From The Bachelor Pregnant?

Many are complaining that this year's Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, is a physical representation of Wonder bread — but things may have just gotten a little more dramatic. Is Lauren B. from The Bachelor pregnant? Are Arie and Lauren B. pregnant? But, who won the Bachelor? If she is pregnant, who did Arie choose on the Bachelor?

Already there are plenty of theories for the final episode (the first part, anyways) and if you want to avoid any spoilers then you should turn back now.

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Did Arie Choose Lauren B?

Just what went down in that Fantasy Suite? We may never know, but according to some fans in Bachelor nation two words: Hanky. Panky.

RealitySteve, while not 100% accurate 100% of the time, reported that Arie ended season 22 by choosing Becca K.

Then, there were reports that he dumped the Becs and camera crews were outside runner-up, Lauren B's house.

Why would Arie just up and leave his TV fiancee like that?!

According to a subreddit dedicated to The Bachelor there could only be one reason…Lauren B is pregnant. But why exactly do they think Lauren is pregnant?

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Is Lauren B. From The Bachelor Pregnant?

Wondering if Lauren B. is pregnant? Check out our "investigation".

The Fantasy Suite was filmed in mid to late November. By doing some simple math about how babies work and where they come from we can pinpoint that Lauren would be in first trimester for After the Final Rose episode.

AKA — when they will go public with their relationship.

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On top of that, tweets from Lauren, which are no longer on her page, suggested she didn't attend a birthday party in mid-February because she wasn't "feeling well."

AKA — morning sickness.

Plus, fans think the only reason Arie would break up with someone he proposed to would be because he knocked someone else up!

Jokes aside, if there's a Bachelor baby we hope they grow up healthy and happy and that we'll see them on The Bachelor in 26 years trying to find their true love.

Do you think that Lauren B is pregnant? Cast your thoughts below!