Is Harry Styles Bisexual? His New Song Has Fans Convinced


Is Harry Styles Bisexual?

It seems like since One Direction first burst onto the scene that there were rumors and questions about member Harry Styles's sexuality.

Of course, there's plenty of One Direction fan fiction that answers the question "is Harry Styles bi?" with a resounding OMFG YES, but is Harry Styles "Medicine" proof that the singer is coming out?

Fans believe that Harry Styles comes out through the lyrics of his new song. Actually, based on some studies, everyone is a little bit gay, so maybe there is a bit of fact at this deep reading (spoiler alert: it's not that deep, the lyrics are pretty obvious) of his song.

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Harry Styles Coming Out

Styles performed "Medicine" for the first time ever during a recent concert in Paris, and the lyrics include lines about "messing around" with both men and women.


The 24-year-old somewhat mumbled through this part, but fans with impressive hearing were able to work out the lyrics.

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Harry Styles "Medicine" Lyrics

The lyrics include:

"The boys and the girls are here, I mess around with them, and I'm okay with it. I'm coming down, I figured out I kinda like it, and when I sleep I'm gonna dream of how you tasted…"

But to me, the most eyebrow-raising line has to be:

"You got the salt and I got me an appetite; now I can taste it."

HMMMMMMMMMMMM. That sounds awfully like something that I'm not comfortable typing while at work.

Listen to "Medicine" and see the full lyrics here.

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Is Harry Styles Bi?

Styles has never admitted that he is queer. In fact, while doing an interview with Bizarre, he said he "never felt the need" to define his orientation.

He said:

"I don't feel like it's something I've ever felt like I have to explain about myself."

Gay, straight, bi, somewhere on the spectrum — it doesn't really matter where Harry Styles (or really, anyone) falls. But still, it would probably mean a lot to a lot of people to have such an incredible artist be out and proud — especially since there is so much negative stigma towards bisexual men.

Anyway, have sex with whoever you want! Just make sure it's consensual. And practice safe sex, that's important too.