Is Amazon Alexa Down? Alexa Experiences Widespread Outage


Is Amazon Alexa Down? "Sorry, Something Went Wrong"

Is Amazon Alexa down? If Alexa says, "Sorry, something has gone wrong," or if you noticed Alexa red ring of death, then yes, the Alexa outage has affected you.

The personal AI assistant is down after experience a widespread outage. And while she's sorry something went wrong, I too am sorry for all the things that have gone wrong in my life.

But we won't get into that, at least, not in this post where I'm explaining that Alexa is down.

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Amazon Alexa Is Down, March 2nd

Amazon has yet to issue an official response, there are plenty of reports about people's Alexa being delayed in her (it? … her?) answers, or otherwise unable to connect to the network at all.

According to Down Detector, complaints are popping up at an alarming rate all over as people scream at their Echos and Echo Dots, longing to hear the ever calming voice of Alexa.

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Alexa Red Light

If you happened to ask Alexa about the weather, then you may have noticed she had a red glow about her.

While your Echos may not be working, some Alexa services are still available through Alexa app.

So don't worry, if you don't remember how to turn on your lights without Alexa you won't be sitting in the dark — just use your phone.

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Why Isn't Alexa Working?

The outage was probably caused by a network problem in AWS US East-1 in Northern Virginia. The problems began around 9:30 AM ET.

It is believed that all Alexa services will be back to functioning by mid-afternoon. Since these networks are based on the East Coast, it could be due to the bomb cyclone that is currently berating the North East.But what do I know? I depend on Alexa, who no longer is here to tell me what to do… what to say…