How Does Amazon Go Work? What Is It, Next Location, And More!

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What is Amazon Go? Does Amazon Go have cashiers? How does Amazon Go work? What is it? Where is the next Amazon Go location?

How Does Amazon Go Work? What Is It, Next Location, And More!

Wondering what Amazon Go is? How does the new store work? Where will the next location be? Also, where are the cashiers? We have so many questions, we don't even know where to begin. Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Go.

I have three phobias which, could I mute them, would make my life as slick as a sonnet, but as dull as ditchwater. I hate to go to bed, I'm afraid of heights, and I am absolutely terrified of having the wrong amount of cash and having a cashier confront me.

This has never happened, but my heart pumps wildly when I approach the cashier. What will they think if I don't have the amount? Will they announce over the loudspeaker, "Everybody check out this broke ass chick in lane nine!"

Amazon Go's mission statement plans to remove one of my fears from my life.

It's a grocery store -- but with no lines, and no checkout.

It plans to make buying groceries just as convenient as ordering a book. (You guys remember when Amazon only sold books and movies?! DO YOU REMEMBER?! What a time to be alive.)


How Does Amazon Go Work

First, you download an app on your mobile device.

However, if you're like me, then first you will have to delete four to six apps you don't use very often and hope that you create enough space on your phone in order to download the Amazon Go app.

Then, if you have the app, you enter the store, choose the products you want, and then leave.

Yes, it does sound exactly like shoplifting!

Except there are a lot of camera and electronic sensors preventing you from actually stealing. You can't even enter the store without the app. (I am unsure if the doors don't open for you or if you are evaporated on the spot by powerful lasers.)

The products you pick up are put in your virtual shopping cart. If you place it back on the shelf, then the software will remove it from your cart.

When you leave the store, a payment is automatically made through the app that is linked to your credit card.


Where Is Amazon Go

The first, and so far only, Amazon Go is located on the first floor of Amazon's headquarters in Seattle. The address is 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA.

It is open from 7AM-9PM Monday through Friday.


This All Sounds Dope, But Is Amazon Go Sketchy?

The store works for sure, but at what cost?

For one, food stamps are not accepted. But one in ten Amazon employees in Ohio (where their fulfillment center is located) use food stamps.

Secondly, Amazon employees who have 55-hour work weeks are so exhausted by their targets and goals that they are falling asleep standing up -- some collapse and ambulances are called.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Amazon's, Jeff Bezos, net worth continues to soar.

Beyond Amazon workers, theoretically, not being able to shop at Amazon Go, it should be said that the cashier-less store won't be a job killer.

Instead of minimizing labor costs, the whole plan behind Amazon Go was to increase convenience. Employees who would have been cashiers will now become cooks, check IDs for alcohol, and assist with returns and other issues that may arise.

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