Does Lauren Take Arie Back? Spoilers And Predictions


Does Lauren Take Arie Back? Did Lauren And Arie Get Back Together? Did Lauren And Arie Get Engaged?

Last night, Bachelor Nation witnessed one of the most cringe-worthy scenes in dating show history. Arie picked Becca, proposed to her, and then effectively broke her heart by breaking up with her. He said he wanted to see if it was a possibility he could get back together with the runner-up, Lauren. But does Lauren take Arie back? After all of that, does Lauren take him back? Do Lauren and Arie get together? Is there an engagement on the horizon? Don't go anywhere. We've got spoilers and predictions of our own for the Lauren, Arie, Becca fiasco! Get ready for After The Final Rose tonight!

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Who Won The Bachelor?

Short story? NO ONE. Long story? Technically, Becca won the Bachelor, if only for the fact that she received the final rose.

However, our fuck boy Arie can't simply pick one person to love for the rest of his life, and reneged on their engagement.

We then had to witness a 30-minute scene of a heartless and remorseless Arie break up with Becca. That included him basically asking her to tell him it was all okay.

CLASSIC FUCK BOY. I honestly can't get past this.

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Apparently, after he broke it off with Becca, and who knows what happened to that $80,000 ring, he went to see if Lauren would have it in her blonde heart to take him back.

But how did that go? How does Arie try to get Lauren back? Will we see it on After The Final Rose? And if he already did it, does Lauren take Ari back? Does Arie end up with Lauren? Or no one?

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Does Lauren Take Arie Back?

Arie fell in love with two women. While many can't understand how this can happen, we're sure the ones of us who have throughs with her hormones instead of our brains totally get it.

What would I do if presented with 29 women, all of whom want me to fall in love with them? Tell them to lower their expectations and eventually let them all down, one-by-one, just like my real relationships.

But would Lauren take him back? Would she feel the same way he does, or has she already slipped away? Does she feel like a second choice? More importantly, wouldn't she fear that he'll just flip-flop again and choose another?

Honestly, the only way this Bachelor season is going to end happily is if Becca and Lauren tell Arie to shove off and end up dating each other. Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?

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Are Arie And Lauren Together Now?

We don't yet have the final piece of the puzzle.

We fully believe that Arie has presented Lauren with a possible relationship, but will she take him back?

God, I hope not.

We know that After the final Rose was taped yesterday, March 6, as the finale aired live. So, who knows if Lauren actually saw what Arie did to Becca. Just kidding. She doesn't. Well, she hasn't actually seen what happens to Becca.

According to Us Weekly, Lauren has been on a girl's trip before the taping of After the Final Rose and has no intention of watching the finale. Us Weekly also uncovered that Arie and Lauren are now dating.

A show insider told Us, "He begged her to take him back and she did."