Did GiGi And Zayn Breakup? "It" Couple Calls It Quits


Did Gigi And Zayn Break Up?

It seems like the One Direction Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are going happen to be in the opposite direction.

But wait, weren't there rumors? Are Gigi and Zayn engaged? Were Gigi and Zayn engaged? Or did Zayn and Gigi breakup? Why did Gigi and Zayn breakup?

Click through the slideshow to find out the latest gossip, including how long Gigi and Zayn were together, and the whole Zayn/Gigi Instagram drama.

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Gigi And Zayn Engaged?

Despite rumors that the "it" couple, Gigi and Zayn, or Zigi, if you will, were engaged, it seems that the couple has split up.

According to The Sun, Gigi and Zayn have broken up after over two years of dating.

A source, who is apparently close to the couple, said:

"Sadly Zayn and Gigi have separated. They are no longer a couple but they do remain close and are supportive of each other. The reality is that they've grown apart, having been together for a long time."

Yikes. Grown apart after having been together for a long time? Color me naive, but I assume being together for a long time makes you want to, you know, grow together more?

The source added:

"They have crazy work schedules that would put pressure on any relationship."

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Zayn Gigi Instagram

To be quite honest, it doesn't seem like they are remaining close.

After some rigorous investigative journalism, it appears that Zayn has not only unfollowed Gigi on Instagram, but he's also unfollowed her mother.

The source said:

"This is definitely the end for now, but this isn't a bitter split and they both have respect for each other.

"It's a mutual decision so no one has completely ruled out a reunion in the future, but for now that's not where their heads are at."

Still, this all begs the questions…

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Is Zayn a f*ckboy?

Gigi seems like a true doll baby, while Zayn started dating her just three months after he ended an engagement with Little Mix member Perrie Edwards.

Her band put out a song "Shout Out To My Ex" that included lyrics "Hope she ain't faking it like I did," which some fans believe she once sang "Hope she ain't faking like Hadid," at a concert.

Is Zayn one of those guys who constantly throws himself headfirst into a deeply committed relationship, only to pussyfoot about when he realizes he's nearing marriage?

I don't know, I don't know the man. Who am I to even say that about this beautiful man?!