Everything You Need To Know About Coachella 2018: Is Coachella 2018 Already Sold Out?

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Everything from where Coachella is located to how much are Coachella tickets.

Coachella 2018 Lineup Released

Everyone's favorite music festival located in a desert has released its 2018 lineup! Yes, Coachella's 2018 lineup is finally here. Honestly, it's lit AF.

Sure, 2018 is getting off to kind of an awkward start. Celebrities kicked off the year by launching a huge campaign that is aiming to end sexual harassment called "Time's Up," which is good. But, we've also got President Donald Trump tweeting about how his nuclear button is bigger and better than North Korea's Kim Jong Un...which is bad.

But as they say, with the sweets comes the sours. Luckily, Coachella's 2018 lineup is anything but sour.


I'm sure you have some questions about the festival this year, and as a sage elder, I have the answers.

Where is Coachella 2018 located?

Coachella is located in a land between reality and make-believe. It's where people don unicorn heads, blow bubbles, create art, and listen to their favorite artists while discovering new bands.

Put bluntly, Coachella takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley. It's about 130 miles from Los Angeles, CA.

When is Coachella 2018?

Coachella 2018 is set to occur during two weekends on the 13-15 of April, and the 20-22 of April.


How much are Coachella tickets in 2018?

Coachella tickets don't come cheap -- which I guess makes sense when you consider just how many great artists are going to be there, but it certainly doesn't take into account just how broke all of us are. Which is rude, IMO.

General Admission passes will run you $429, while a General Admission with a Shuttle Pass runs $504. On top of that, you can get a VIP ticket for $999 -- which is basically just more seating, more food, more bars, and more restrooms.

How much is camping at Coachella?

You can camp next to your car for $113, in your own tent for $113.

Or you can rent a teepee with General Admission for two for $2,458, with VIP tickets for $3,600, a tent with General Admission for 4 for $3,316 or VIP for four for $5,600.

Can I buy a one day pass for Coachella 2018?

Short answer? No. You could probably buy someone's three day pass off of them, but it's against the rules so you didn't hear that here.


How fast do Coachella tickets sell out?

As of this writing, the first weekend of General Admission advanced tickets are already sold out. However, the second weekend advanced tickets have yet to be released.

Coachella 2017 sold out in a matter of three hours. Whereas the 2015 edition sold out in 40 minutes.

In 2017, Beyonce was the original headliner, who was replaced by Lady Gaga when she announced her pregnancy. Perhaps 2018, with Beyonce officially headlining, will sell out in the same amount of time.

Coachella Lineup

Check out who's joining Beyonce, The Weeknd, Eminem, SZA, and more below!

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Everything You Need To Know About Coachella 2018: Is Coachella 2018 Already Sold Out?

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