15 Of The Best Beauty Items To Stuff Your Stocking With Below $15


The best beauty stocking stuffers under $15.

Cheap Beauty Stocking Stuffers 2017

This is the question that keeps me up at night. It's not "Why am I here?" It's not "What is my purpose?" It's not "What if oranges were a different color?" (Because I know all the answers to these questions -- I'm here to eat all the shrimp at an all you can eat buffet, my purpose is to become an arm wrestling champion, and the color orange was actually named after the fruit orange, before they called that color geoluhread, which translates to yellow-red.

I digress.

While you may know what to wear for Christmas, what to buy a woman in your life, and what holiday movies you should watch, you may not know what to put in your stocking.

Don't fear. We're on it with the best (and cheap) beauty stocking stuffers that are under $15.

The Best Beauty Product Stocking Stuffers Under $15


Formula 1006

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser

First things first. You gotta start with a clean slate for the New Year, and there's no slate that should be cleaner than your very own mug.

Best Face Forward is your secret to clear skin. Plus, nothing feels fancier than a foaming gel made with passionfruit and green tea.

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser will only run you $7.



Washing your hair is obviously the bane of your existence. Don't you want to sleep in an extra 20-30 minutes instead of having to wash, condition, blow dry, and style your hair again?

Dry shampoo is a gift from the Gods and to not use it is to spit in said Gods' collective faces.

You can cop this dry shampoo at Sephora for $13.



It's pretty weird that we put colored pigment on top of the very thin skin that covers our eyes, right? What a weird, commonly accepted, practice.

Anyway, ColourPop's cream-to-powder eyeshadows are super legit. Just swipe it with your finger and you'll have extreme color all day. It's available at Sephora for $5.


Cloud 9 Salon

Invisbobble isn't just a fun word, these hair ties are magic. You know how RIDICULOUS you look after you let your hair down after being up in a ponytail all day? The weird crimp you get?

These hair ties prevent that. They can be yours for $8 from Sephora.



I'm not going to name names (cough)Kourtney Kardashian(cough) but celebrities SWEAR by using rosewater on their beautiful celebrity skin.

Do I know who Mario Badescu is? No. But I know it sounds fancy.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray is $7 at Anthropology.



CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ not only ensures that you'll have an even foundation -- it also protects you from the sun's harmful rays. That's right, the sun is trying to kill us.

You can order it at Ulta for $15, plus it comes in a cute holiday ornament.



A cream lipstick and a mattifying lip is perfect for anyone who makes it a point to stand under the mistletoe.

Nordstrom has the Studio to Go Lips Collection from Smashbox for $8.50.



TonyMoly My Shea Mask Sheet Box comes with five different kinds of mask sheets, which is enough to make you believe Santa exists. Which he totally does. ...Right? ...Guys, right? Why is not one answering me?!

One of them enough comes with snail extract -- it sounds gross but it's good for you.

Buy at Ulta for $6.



One time I saw Emma Stone wear one of the collagen lip masks, so... I got a collagen lip mask. You'll know the collagen is working when you feel the tingle.

Buy KNC Beauty All-Natural Collagen-Infused Lip Mask at Urban Outfitters for $5.



OPI Nail Lacquer is so fancy that it calls itself "lacquer" which sounds very much like "liquor," which I'm sure we can all agree is great. You can get a duo set with a cosmetic bag at Ulta!

Love OPI XOXO Nail Lacquer Duo w/ Cosmetic Bag is $8.98 at Ulta.



Confession time. I'm not longer allowed into any Lush location in the state of California, New York, and, oddly enough, Kentucky, because I keep confusing their food for candy.

This adorable wand isn't a homemade lollipop which I'M PRETTY SURE HAS CLOVES ON THE EDGES AND YOU CAN TOTALLY EAT THAT, it's actually a cinnamon stick with a cinnamon leaf that will turn your bath into a bubble bath. You can even use it more than once, just let it dry after use.

Buy The Magic of Christmas at Lush for $8.95.



The three shades in this beautiful set are places you can't actually afford to go to the holidays. Instead stuff Copenhagen, Budapest, and Moscow into someone's stocking.

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream Set is at Ulta for $12.



Rub yourself in this glitter and wait under your family's Christmas tree because you're the only gift they need, honey.

NYX Professional Makeup #GlitterGoals Kit is at Ulta for $15.



If you would have told 12-year-old me that there's such a thing as "setting spray," which you apply to make sure your makeup stays on and blends well, I would literally just scream.

Mostly, because you're from the future telling me these things.

Besides that, this is the best setting on Amazon.

Order BellaJade Setting Spray off Amazon for $11.95.


Urban Decay

Urban Decay's Total Perversion will extend your eyelashes without clumping up. It has an amazing natural look, just as you find it amazingly natural to be a total perv.

Buy Urban Decay's Total Perversion at Sephora for $15.

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