How To Use Bitmoji Deluxe To Snapchat Your Cartoon Twin

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Bitmoji Deluxe wants your Snapchat selfie to look more like you. Here's how to use Bitmoji Deluxe on Snapchat!

How To Use Bigmoji Deluxe On Snapchat 2018

Snapchat made Bitmoji look a lot more like you. But, how do you use Bigmoji Deluxe on Snapchat?

Have you ever opened a Snap from a beloved friend only to realize they filmed their Bitmoji dancing on their desk? Naturally, your first thought would probably be, "That doesn't even look like her. Has she ever SEEN herself before?" Because we're all mean monsters.

Snapchat wants to make things easier for you, especially when it comes to creating an accurate Bitmoji. Thanks to Bitmoji Deluxe.

How To Use Bitmoji Deluxe


"Bitmoji Deluxe" encourages their users to take a quick selfie. Naturally, you will assume this is how Snapchat can create a perfect cartoon twin of yourself. Alas, it is honestly just a tool for you.

In case you somehow forget what you look like, the selfie you just took is a reference for yourself.

That isn't to say that they won't use facial recognition in the future, however.

Snap filed a patent in 2016 that would use racial recognition to create Bitmoji avatars -- perhaps this feature is the first rollout of this feature.


What's New On Bitmoji Deluxe?

The added selfie feature isn't the only thing that was introduced.

For Bitmoji, which was created in 2014 and was originally a spin off from their comic creation site, Bitstrips, this will be their first major upgrade in years.

And, while it may seem minor, it's actually a big step in the right direction.

Deluxe offers 40 skin tones and over 50 hair color options. Previously, the app only boasted 25 each -- and this means a lot to plenty of users.

Snapchat believes that 63% of Bitmoji users will update their avatars to properly reflect their appearance, as our connection to our avatars are actually pretty strong.

Gone are the days of an "anonymous" internet -- for example, you can no longer find me at the email address sn0wprincess42 at hotmail dot com. Our online selves, and the selves we share with our friends and family through apps and iMessage, are an extension of ourselves -- and they should represent us as perfectly as they can.


Can I Revert To The Old Bitmoji?

The new "Bitmoji Deluxe" features are now available on the Bitmoji app. To change your Bitmoji to Bitmoji Deluxe, open the Bitmoji app, go to the settings, and "change avatar style."

But that doesn't mean you can't go back to what you once knew to be true.

If change terrifies you, you can always switch back to previous Bitmoji styles in the app's settings.

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