Is Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" Remix A Fake? Or Is Bey Plottin'


Is Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" Remix Fake Or Real?

While fans may have lost their minds when a seemingly iconic Beyonce track was remixed and dropped on Feb. 21, we may have a few questions. Is Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" remix fake or is it real? And if the song is real, does this mean that Beyonce is getting ready for a tour in 2018?

"Sweet Dreams (Remixes)" was dropped on Apple Music, iTunes, and even TIDAL without so much as a warning — which is totally Beyonce's M.O.

Bey just loves to surprise the Beyhive. But, it could be that Beyonce isn't even behind this one, folks.

Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" is a single from 2008's I Am… Sasha Fierce, and many fans were more than happy to welcome Sasha Fierce back.

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Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" Remix On TIDAL

The remix was credited to "IDS" on TIDAL, and the copyright is attributed to "2018 Beyonce" on both Apple Music and iTunes.

However, a representative for Beyonce confirmed to Pitchfork that this remix is not an official release.

So, yeah, it's a fake. The Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" remix is fake. And while this remix has been taken down from Tidal, you can listen to these bad boys.

But, now that the album is back up on Tidal (for now), what is happening? So, what's the truth? Well, you can probably take the word of the Beyonce rep.

Real or not, still want to listen to the album everyone is talking about? Keep reading!

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Beyonce "Sweet Dreams" Streaming

You can listen to the remix on iTunes and Apple Music still, but it has been taken down from TIDAL.

But, it's not really as if… you're missing out on something.

Fans who were excited about the comeback of Sasha Fierce weren't exactly swayed when it came to the remix. "The original is better," one said.

Some well hearing fans reported that the vocals were the same as the original, but with more of a slowed down rap style beat in the background.

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Beyonce And Ed Sheeran

Bey's last new release was back in November 2017, when she appeared on Ed Sheeran's "Perfect Duet." But fans can expect some new music for the Lion King soundtrack, where Beyonce also voices adult Nala.

Of course, maybe this is Beyonce and Jay-Z's way of throwing us off the scent…

Beyonce is headlining at Coachella this April… Hmm….

Check out the remix via Apple Music.