6 Facts: Benoit & Clare's Bachelor Winter Games Proposal


Clare And Benoit's Bachelor Winter Games Engagement & Proposal

Congratulations are in order for many couples that formed on Bachelor Winter Games. But especially because Clare Crawley and Benoit Beauséjour-Savard are engaged! Here we'll give you a rundown of Winter Game's favorite couple, including how old is Clare Crawley, what is Benoit's age, how many times has Clare been on Bachelor, and what couples are still together Bachelor Winter Games edition.

Basically, Clare and Benoit have their very own The Notebook style of love, and we'll break down the very romantic, sometimes heart wrenching, love story.

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1. Clare was part of a love triangle on Winter Games

Clare first started to feel a connection with Christian Rauch, but then she began to flirt with the lovely and sensitive Benoit.

Benoit obviously fell for her, and his feelings were so strong that when she couldn't reciprocate he made an emotional exit.

When he left Vermont, the French-Canadian told Clare, "There will always be a little place in my chest for you."

God, maybe I'm hormonal but just writing that made me tear up?

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2. Clare turned Benoit down, originally, because it was "real fast."

Clare said:

"What was hard for me in the beginning was it was a lot real fast for me real soon with him. And I didn't go in there wanting that real fast, real soon. And it scared me. I noticed something was different when I kept thinking about it and I even told him before he left, 'For some reason I feel like it's not the end of this.' I don't know why I said it, but I felt it. Since that, there's been a lot of challenges and questions and things that have come up to learn about each other, but the end all be all is that he doesn't give up on me."


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3. After the two left the show, Clare came home to a message from Benoit.

Benoit reached out to Clare after the show ended through text, asking her if she was okay.

After that, they begun dating, and it wasn't long before World Tells All.

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4. Benoit popped the question on World Tells All.

Benoit and Clare surprised EVERYONE, fans, the host, the other contestants, when they ended up getting engaged on the reunion special.

Some of the other house members assumed there was some tension! New Zealand Bachelor Jordan Mauger said:

"Clare actually left the room, and we were like, 'Oh, it's really awkward for her,' and Benoit, he was really quiet. And we all thought, oh, there's some grief there. But they were tricking! Those little buggers!"

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5. How old is Clare from The Bachelor?

Clare is 36 years old and was born February 8, 1982 in Sacramento, CA. So she's an Aquarius, everybody!

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6. This is Clare's fourth round on The Bachelor.

We first met Clare on season 18 of The Bachelor where she was in the final two to win the heart of Juan Pablo.

She also stole our hearts when she told Juan to basically fuck off. She told him he was outrageous and rude, and left with her head up high.

She appeared on Bachelor in Paradise twice. The first time she left because she was slut-shamed for hooking up with Juan Pablo in the ocean on The Bachelor and on the second time she didn't click with anyone — she vowed never to return to reality TV.

Thank God she did, however, because she met her fiancé on Bachelor Winter Games!